Medicare Expansion "compromise" is part of O's Master Plan

To get to a universal single payer system in a hurry…

Americans to Congress:  KILL THE BILL WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

Read Susan Anne Hiller’s very insightful 12/8 post at Big Government:



Some exerpts (shout out to my friend Dave G. for summarizing)

“Essentially…the objectives of all are to move total authority over Medicare, etc. away from the Congress to the Executive Branch of government…thereby usurping Congressional and taxpayer / voter authorities and oversight on all things healthcare related…..
Its also alarming in that the modifications to the SS Act are getting ZERO MSM attention whatsoever…..and …worse…that our elected officials don’t seem aware.. and if they are…don’t really understand the implications…
The deliberate setup for the White House power grab is built into the each of the health care bills and, if they fail, little-known twin bills called “MedPAC Reform of 2009” are waiting in the wings.  The bills, S.B. 1110 and H.R. 2718, craftily amend the Social Security Act and transfer the Medicare guideline and rule setting processes, from the legislative branch to the executive branch.  These bills offer cover to one another in case one doesn’t pass the House or Senate, respectively. 
The MedPAC bill designer, progressive Senator John Rockefeller (D-WV), has strategically branded the need for the bill by calling Congress “inefficient” and “inconsistent” – and who wouldn’t agree with that?


Therefore, the MedPAC Reform bill creates a new MedPAC–the Medicare Payment and Access Commission–and gives the Obama White House and its advisors over-reaching control of several factors governing the economy of the health care system.  The new MedPAC, which is exempted from judicial review, would have the authority to rewrite physician fee schedules, redefine medical necessity, evaluate coverage of treatment options, rewrite beneficiary definitions and coverage, and redesign diagnostic definitions and coverage.


The new MedPAC’s mission would also be to inform new research in health services to adequately address deficiencies in the evidence. However, in reality, this would apparently cripple new treatments and technologies by overshadowing progressive research and treatment algorithms by apparently emphasizing the deficiencies, not the benefits, equaling a denial of care and arresting development of burgeoning technologies.

Seen this happen already with the EPA trumping over Congress with defining CO2 (i.e., plant food) as a poisonous gas.


Mr. O. doesn’t really care what he gets back from Congress – he will build upon it with the other pieces already in place – Congress soon to be made obsolete by King O. – besides, we need everything  done yesterday or the economy will collapse, right? Need those “green jobs” from health care reform; can’t wait for Congress or Democracy to work, noooo…….

So what if it ends up costing $2.5 Trillion (as recently admitted to by Mr. Baucus) instead of under $1 T as originally demanded by King O.?  Unlike Nebuchadnezzar, this 21st century king can change his decrees at will…


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Eric wroteon December 3, 2009 at 12:39am
“Baucus Admits Reid Bill Costs $2.5 Trillion Over 10 Years “Depending On Where You Start”

“Senate Republicans highlight this line from Senator Max Baucus’s (D-Mont.) floor remarks today:”

“Just for a second — health care reform, whether you use a ten-year number or when you start in 2010 or start in 2014, wherever you start at, so it is still either $1 trillion or it’s $2.5 trillion, depending on where you start…”