(Senate HR3590 bill) Pregnancy is not a disease! (full credit to JLenardDetroit)

That should seem obvious, of course, and there is ZERO REASON, likewise, that people who seek to “correct” (which is all the flippant way the Left sees) it shouldn’t be REQUIRED to Pay for it themselves. That is NOT what the discussion is about – it is all about, as pointed out by many, just a question of what is going to be the deal making required to pass this garbage in the usual name of Liberal Incremental-ism — how anyone in America, especially our elected GOP members don’t grasp this and fully oppose this just on this basis alone is beyond me!!! Anything they can toss out now, in order to do whatever it takes to get the votes to pass it, will be “FIXED” (in their minds) later. ALL the Democrats know that and is why they will ultimately come around — unless some Republican is DUMB enough (cough… Snowe) to provide a Democrat cover to vote No by giving them that BS “BiPartisan” cover vote they want so the MSM can play it up. This is the ultimate in LUMP SUM Incremental-ism they’ve ever been able to push forth in one chunk because of their numbers and knowing the McLame … er… lame… opposition they have that will do as little as possible (just for show) to oppose it. We must keep the pressure on all GOP Senators that the only acceptable position is KILL THE BILL and start over with real solutions….

Cross-State line portability (which States will resist giving up Mandates/Controls), Tort reform min. 50Billion, PreExisting condition exclusion (guaranteed issue) elimination (not allowed in MI, enact that Nationally), post/transitional employment coverage (modifying COBRA and HSA/MSA accounts to NOT ZERO OUT each year so multi-year savings can/will PAY FOR OWN COVERAGE while between jobs), (avoiding the HR3200/HR3926/HR3590 consequences/fact) More Govt. regulations and paperwork will DRIVE UP not reduce costs and bring us more Lawyers and Office Administrators to deal with it NOT Doctors, etc….

anything less is unacceptable and we as Conservatives will come together to oppose them in their Primaries if they don’t get it.

Abortion will NOT be left out of/for funding, by any of the hook/crook methods Liberals can/will use post-Law passage anyway…. again, they (and most of their supporters know it) because. Even IF Abortion were to be OUTLAWED COMPLETELY by this Bill it would NOT be worthy of passage/support….

Mooncalves led to the Slaughter…. The STUPID (er… Stupak) House — and now this one in the Senate — Amendment is just a strategy boondoggle Republicans stepped in out of LAZINESS and unwillingness to VOTE NO and have to go back and actually engage, explain, educate, constituents as to WHY it was all a SHAME/SHELL-GAME Vote and a NO vote the Right vote (and NOT, by any means would it have been a Pro-Abortion vote). LAZINESS. A NV (Not-Voting) would have been the appropriate stance (no-one could claim they were Pro-Abortion funding that a NO vote would have allowed).

Further…. just proves, IMO, my whole CINOs/PLINOs, and Pavlovian-Blue-Dogs contention. The Stupak Amendment just provided cover for them to vote for the POS which should never have happened, because…
1- (supposedly) Removing Abortion funding from it does NOT make the rest of the Bill ‘GOOD’ – as if the Abortion funding was/is the only ‘BAD’ thing in it!
2- Duplicity Votes – Setting up Duplicity Votes – the have it both way Game Politicians play to be able to say anything during Campaigns
3- Abortion funding WILL STILL OCCUR – Liberals/Democrats ALWAYS consider themselves ABOVE THE LAW and ignore them when convenient to their causes…
3A- The ‘Abortion funding exclusion’ will NOT survive the Conference/Consolidation ‘compromise’ process when it comes time to join in Conference/Committee the House and Senate Bills
3B- Liberal bureaucrats will still pay for ABORTIONS paying for them billed as something like a generic ‘Pregnancy Services’ term – or the like BS (as discussed in one of the Townhalls primers: here, here, here, here, here, and HC issues summary here, don’t recall off-hand which one)
3C- If they ALLOW it to survive into the Final Bill, to again provide cover for CINOs/PLINOs, and Pavlovian-Blue-Dogs Democrats (and maybe a few Republicans) to vote for it under Pro-Life grounds (and again, see #1), it will be stripped on a Saturday Late night, or reversed by language stuffed into the middle of some other Bill, otherwise removed undercover of the night, at a later date. Haven’t people learned anything?!?!? LIBERAL INCREMENTAL-ISM at its most obvious yet again!!!!
4- HHS Sect. under these Bills has SOLE DISCRETION and job of putting forth the “minimal standards” qualification and can/will put Abortion funding back in by fiat. — I hear some say that would provide a conflict! Democrats DO NOT CARE and will invoke only those portions of Law that suits their moving their agenda forward and ignoring all else!
5- Liberal Judge Activists — no more needs saying on that one!

danielbdp note:

This Redstater spent so much effort researching and writing the above in response to the Sen. Kohl 12/8 article (with which I fully agree), that I figured I’d post so that it doesn’t get buried among Comments area.  Thanks JLD, hope those Rep Senators are reading and listening…