Defend Traditional Marriage in NJ - full Senate vote on 12/10

Not just traditional, but God-ordained.  As most following the news know by now, Trenton’s bill to legalize gay marriage cleared the state Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday on a close 7-6 vote, paving the way for a full Senate vote Thursday.   IMHO, this is all about defending the sacredness of the marriage institution, not about denying rights to gays, of which I have more than a few friends and co-workers same as probably most reading this post.

Below is my most recent letter to NJ legislature representatives – feel free to plagiarize and contact yours asap:  http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/SelectMun.asp

Honorable Senator / Representative, NJ State Legislature:


We implore you to OPPOSE Gay Marriage legislation.  Marriage is a Divinely ordained institution between one man and one woman, for life, and we as human creatures are not at liberty to redefine it as expressly forbidden by our Creator.  We do not oppose granting a few, rare, biologically differentiated, life-long committed same-sex partners some of the legal rights and privileges that are exclusive to the marriage covenant (e.g., for medical emergencies and wills), but never in the context of redefining the sacred marriage institution to fit that legal need.  For more on our position, shared with millions of Catholics and other religiously observant people, please read the attached link.  Procreation and healthy rearing of children between two distinct but equal and complementary partners (physically, mentally and spiritually) is intrinsic to God’s purpose in Marriage, conditions that cannot be fulfilled by a same-sex couple.




We firmly believe that ignoring the will and purpose of God in marriage will accelerate social decay and bring disaster to our beloved nation.  Please do the right thing for all New Jerseyans and reject gay marriage in favor of a legal solution that does not desecrate the marriage covenant.



Mr. and Mrs. danielbdp