Obama Administration Resignations: who'll be #11?

Just thought I’d share some Holiday cheer.  Interesting link from The Huffington Post.


After this and last SNL O in China skit, I do believe mainstream Democrats’ anger toward Mr. O (as in Over-reach, Over confident, Over-rated, all-over-the-place, O-bow-ma, etc.) is intensifying.  Mr. O’s recent politically calculated “trial baloon” pre-announcement on Afghan strategy is simply a reaction to personal popularity polls falling below 50%.  This man’s word is no longer trusted by his appointees, and his most radical ones are either getting frustrated by the ditherer in chief, feeling over-exposed or simply trying to avoid getting burned, run over by the probervial bus, etc.


Mr. President, one friendly word of advise: Do give us Hope and Change: Move to the Center for Real.  Call off the government-run health care dogs in Congress and your approval rating will INSTANTLY rise over 50% again!  Call for Victory (not merely to “finish the job”, whatever that means) in Afghanistan and it will approach 60% again!  Keep your current course and watch it drop below 40% before your first year in office is over…