Beyond Health Care Deform_must throw out the bad apples

No matter what happens on the ongoing health care reform battle, must not forget we need to win the war.  Today I’m again putting my money where my mouth is, in supporting the Senate Conservatives Fund.  I’m convinced that, in order to reform a bad political system, must first get rid of some bad apples and gain some critical “good apples” mass in Congress.

Led by Jim DeMint, the Senate Conservatives Fund PAC is serious about electing Conservative-minded, value-abiding Senators to Congress.  Been following them for months and IMHO so far have made all the right calls with candidates and issues, unlike the RNC…

Never cared much for them, but the RNC is definitely not earning my contributions.  Instead prefer to support the SCF to elect Senators, the Freshmen 50 organization for the House, and the Republican Governors’ Association for the 35 governor races in 2010.
Food for thought: in addition to Term Limits legislation currently pending in Congress, wouldn’t introducing the Secret Ballot in the Senate and HR give us taxpayers some protection against blatant congressional bribing?  Particularly if the legislation contained a clause that, if a Congress person’s secret vote intention gets leaked to the press, he or she must be barred from voting on specific legislation and/or for some specified time?  Of course the ballot would be made public After the vote, so we can keep legislators accountable.  Just saying…
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