Look what the Dems are planning: More violence


Lately we hear Left-leaning groups telling us that the violence on our streets is caused by Right-wing groups. But if you’ve been watching the news, you’ve seen BLM / Antifa groups doing the burning, looting, and murdering. The term for this is “gaslighting,” adapted from the 1944 movie Gaslight, in which a woman is told to believe something other than what she sees with her own eyes. We’re being gaslit when we see the Left’s violence, but they tell us the violence comes from the Right.

Here are the facts: Leftist and Marxist groups are acting violently, and we can expect more of it in the weeks and months to come. How do we know? They’ve told us so.

An undercover operation by Project Veritas in Colorado revealed that Kristopher Jacks, an activist who holds seats on multiple committees in Colorado’s Democrat party, advocates for violence. Recorded on video, Jacks says, “You really want to change this country that way – with violence. There’s only one way to do it.”

And Jacks isn’t just talking street-level violence. He’s talking murder. “I do think there needs to be a militant group, and I love Antifa for that reason,” he says. “You gotta get people that are close to billionaires and just start just – random billionaires start turning up dead.”

Jacks is the chair of Our Revolution, Weld County (Colorado), a grass roots Leftist organization. He’s also on the Weld County Democrat Party Executive Committee. And a member of the Colorado Democrat Party’s Congressional District Four Committee. And the Colorado Democrat Party Executive Committee. And the Central Committee.

Jacks says he’s also on “dozens of dozens of other committees,” and that dozens of his “Our Revolution” friends are with him, holding “a comfortable majority on the Weld County Democrat Party Executive Committee.” He said “12 of the 14 members” who got to the state’s Democrat Party for Colorado are “Our Revolution” members. And almost the entire delegation to the 4th Congressional District Committee are also “Our Revolution” members.

He said the 2nd Vice Chair of the Weld County Democrat Party is an “Our Revolution” member.

“2020 is a political revolution,” states Jacks. “I am going to do everything morally acceptable to win. I will lie. I will cheat. I will steal. Because that’s morally acceptable in this political climate.”

“It’s going to take a strategic hit against the 0.1% that’s in charge, cause that’s who it is.” It’s truly killing random Nazis in the street, random f**king bootlickers.” “Guillotines,” notes Jacks, “That’s all we gotta say.”

Jacks said “option A” was for the country to do what he was proposing, and “Option B” was “slicey boys” (guillotines).

Leftist Agitators

If you watched any of the videos of the murder of a veteran by a “security guard” in Colorado this past week at the Patriot Muster, you hopefully recognized that BLM/Antifa/Denver Communists were baiting conservatives to engage in violence. Begging, actually.

In my opinion, their taunts were purposely trying to provoke a response that would result in bloodshed.

As seen and heard in the video (caution: LOTS of language), a Leftist protester who wore a shirt that read, “Black Guns Matter” got right up in a patriot’s face and yelled, “Show me! Show me m___ f___!”

The agitator was later identified as Jeremiah Elliot, who has been captured on video instigating fights at multiple events around the country.

As Elliot yelled directly into a man’s face, an older man associated with the Patriot Muster stepped in between the two to separate them. When that happened, Elliot, said, “Touch me one more time you’re gonna get it.” After that, he immediately started yelling, “Mace me! Mace me, m____ f____! Walk up to me and f____ mace me, m____ f___.”

Nine times Elliot challenged the patriot to mace him. Again, the older man stepped in between the two. Elliot pushed the older man’s arm away, and then told him, “Don’t f____ touch me old man, f___ around and find out.”

What’s interesting is Elliot mostly moved only his left hand while his right hand stayed primarily at his side, not far from the bulge in his pocket.

Then, as Elliot kept taunting the patriot to mace him, one can hear spray being released (off camera), and less than half a second later you hear a gun shot. That was 30-year old Matthew Dolloff allegedly shooting and killing 49-year old Kee Keltner.

I say “allegedly,” but we have photos of Dolloff with gun in hand squeezing the trigger. Gun triggers don’t just squeeze themselves.

No video exists of the shooting, but Twitter user @skkboz posted a stop motion compilation of photographs that serves as ample evidence for what happened.

The first photo in the compilation shows Dolloff with his hand on Keltner’s chest. Keltner is holding a can of mace (or similar) in his right hand, but it’s down by his thigh and pointed at the ground. No photos show what occurred to motivate Dolloff to have his hand on Keltner’s chest.

The second, third, and fourth photos show Keltner slapping the right side of Dolloff’s face.

In the next several photos, Dolloff is seen retrieving a handgun from his waistband as Keltner is backing away.

The next available photo shows the men approximately ten feet apart, with Keltner spraying mace at Dolloff and Dolloff holding his handgun with both hands, the barrel pointed at Keltner’s face. The next several photos show Keltner falling back after having been shot in the face.

According to Heavy.com, Dolloff’s social media accounts show he supported Bernie Sanders and shared posts about Occupy Democrats and other protest events. He’d also written expletive laden posts slamming President Trump.

We also know Dolloff is a registered Democrat and is being charged with second degree murder.

What we don’t know is whether Dolloff was in allegiance with the Denver Communists, the group that organized the BLM/Antifa “soup drive” counter protest.

We don’t know if he, too, was challenging someone to “mace him.”

A Guide for Violence

A document titled, “Stopping the Coup: The Disruption Guide for 2020” was written to “develop infrastructure for widespread and localized disruption in the event of a stolen election.” In this document, protestors are told that their “actions need to be sustained.”

“As the protests in Minneapolis, Ferguson, Portland, Seattle and countless others here and abroad show, our action needs to be both sufficiently disruptive and sustained over weeks or even months.”

It should be noted that Leftists expect to win on November 3, and if they lose, they will view Trump staying in office as a coup. Translated: If Donald Trump wins re-election, we can expect weeks and even months of sustained violence from the Left, as that’s what their disruption guide recommends.

There’s no reason to be surprised:

1) Democrats like Kristopher Jacks are telling us violence will happen – up to and including murder.

2) We’re seeing it play out already, with Patriots getting murdered in broad daylight.

3) They’ve even published a manual instructing Leftists on how to shut down cities and not back down.

Bottom line, you now have the promise of violence in their own words, so when Left wing politicians and their public relations department (traditional media) tell you that violence is coming from the Right, remember what you’ve seen and heard. Tis the season for gaslighting, but if you keep your eyes open, you’ll recognize what’s really happening and why they’re doing it.