Why Democrats Chose Joe Biden

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden has more political dirt falling off him than Pig Pen in a Charlie Brown cartoon. Well, except when he’s in a pool and kids are feeling the hair on his legs. He’s under investigation in Ukraine, he’s a verified plagiarist, and he has a penchant for sniffing women’s hair and “inadvertently” (cough cough) touching little girl’s chests. These aren’t exactly the qualities one seeks in a Presidential nominee.

Additionally, Biden was lagging in the primaries and thought to be out of the race. Bernie Sanders had a much stronger – and much more vibrant – base, so why did the Dems dump Bernie for Joe?

At least two reasons exist.

First, Sanders is openly Socialist, and that was a problem. A poll taken early in the primary season revealed many young Democrat voters are okay with a Socialist President, but older Democrats are dead set against it.

The DNC must have realized they wouldn’t be able to convince enough age 50+ voters to cast a ballot for Bernie, so Bernie had to go. Based on data I was seeing at the time, I think the DNC realized Bernie would’ve received, at most, 45% of the popular vote and he would have been slaughtered in the electoral college.

Democrats old enough to remember Reagan getting 525 electoral votes against Walter Mondale in 1984 would rather not repeat that agony.

Second, Bernie is not known for being a team player, so he’d have resisted being a puppet for the Globalists.

And that’s important. Globalists (read: Marxists) want a puppet.

Bill Clinton was a puppet. Yes, he had governing experience and he was charismatic enough to woo (and sometimes force) his way past women’s garments.  But the big thing going for Clinton is he knew how to lie. And so, if they’d let Billy enjoy cigars in the Oval Office, he was willing to be a puppet.

Barack Obama was also a puppet. In fact, having his college paid for by Bill Ayer’s parents, I’m sure Obama agreed early on to be a puppet. In 2003, one string puller named David Axelrod made Obama’s life into a theatrical production, and with the right lighting and camera tricks, they were able to pull Obama up by his marionette strings to perform on the world stage.

Think back. In 2008 Biden described Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” In typical Joe fashion, this was a demeaning verbal gaffe (that the media let slide). But really, that’s all the Democrats needed Obama to be: A bright, clean, nice-looking articulate puppet who looked good in a suit (mom jeans, not so much). And, because Obama was good at reading a teleprompter, the DNC was happy.

In 2016 we had Hillary Clinton, who, like her husband Bill, aligned herself long ago with the puppet masters. But Donald Trump was an unexpected bull in their china shop, happily interrupting the puppet masters’ plans.

Now it’s 2020, and we have Joe Biden. With puppet masters desperate to see Trump gone, why not find someone charismatic like Clinton or Obama? Why nominate a guy whose ability to keep a train of thought is going down faster than a bottle of vodka at Nancy Pelosi’s house?

Again, I believe the answer has two main parts.

First, Biden is okay with being a puppet. In fact, he’s a proven puppet. But I also think the DNC realized they don’t need someone charismatic in the oval office; they just need SOMEONE in the oval office. I think Dems realized during the Obama years that they can enact their anti-American agenda under the radar, so long as anyone carrying the title of Democrat President keeps the media entertained.

Think of a magician doing misdirection – moving one hand to keep your attention while their other hand pulls off the trick.

During the Obama years. Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama’s senior advisor (and a Marxist) pulled a lot of strings to advance the Marxist agenda, but she was careful to do it away from the spotlight. She made sure Marxists were placed in various departments where they created rules and policies (in effect, “laws”). In fact, the Obama administration enacted many illegal policies, and got away with most of them. And when anyone called foul, the courts drug their feet while the news cycle moved on. Marxists now know how to game the system.

The second answer for “Why Joe?” is to set things up for 2024. Through internal polling, the DNC knew they’d be getting whomped in November, so they were okay offering a disposable candidate who could set up a VP nominee to run in 2024.

That someone turned out to be Kamala Harris.  Although she BOMBED in the primaries, here’s why they are positioning her for 2024:

  • She’s a novelty. Just like Obama was the first black President (okay, mulatto), Democrats will offer Americans the novelty of a first black female President. She’s not really African American, but she plays one on TV.
  • She’s quite willing to be a puppet (just ask Willie Brown). She’s also willing to lie, and she’s good at reading a teleprompter.

However, based on her history, she’s a Socialist. Won’t that be a problem?

Not in 2024. The DNC knows a Socialist can’t win in 2020, but by the time 2024 rolls around there will be many more voters comfortable parroting the Marxist mindset, and many of the old school Democrats – those who would never vote for Socialism – will have gone on to a much better place.

In other words, by 2024, without an incumbent to fight and with enough Dems duped to believe socialism is … well … being social … Harris will be heir apparent to sit atop the Democrat’s ticket.

In the meantime, Joe will faithfully read the teleprompters from November 4 until the mail-in voter fraud is sorted out.  He will say whatever the DNC wants him to say. Because, you know … the thing.

And that’s why the DNC chose Joe Biden to the be the Democrat’s nominee in 2020.