We're Not in a Pandemic - We're Experiencing Medical Malfeasance

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Politicians keep saying we’re still in a pandemic. It’s quite the gig. By keeping a state of emergency on the books, governors can collect and redistribute federal money while suspending the legislative process. And, because so many people have succumbed to the medical fear porn, few people are pushing back.

Have you seen that the average age of someone dying with Covid is 75, and comorbidities factor greatly into Covid deaths? And have you seen how many doctors are successfully treating SARS-CoV-2 if they start the Zelenko Protocol or Bartlett’s Nebulizer Protocol at symptom onset?

Instead of a pandemic, what we’re experiencing is medical malfeasance. Front line doctors across the country are trying to tell us that people don’t have to die from Covid, and their treatments will even keep people out of the hospital. But other doctors have been bullied in to believing the Global Medical Establishment, which has its own agenda.

On March 31 of 2020, a man called Dr. Anthony Fauci proclaimed that the nation would not likely develop herd immunity. He said, “[W]e have a number of drugs that are in a clinical trial and we’re pushing hard on the vaccine.”

Fauci was wrong. Herd immunity HAS developed in some parts of the country. And Fauci knew as early as 2005 that Hydroxychloroquine is effective in battling coronaviruses, because his own agency published a study on its effectiveness.

Today, an increasing number of front-line medical doctors are saying America should end the lockdowns and just let the virus run its course. They say we know much more about how to treat a SARS-CoV-2 infection, and if the country would open up, the whole thing would be behind us in eight weeks.

But we can’t have that.

Too much federal money is at stake.

For example, in Idaho, the state House of Representatives recently passed a resolution to end Governor Brad Little’s state of emergency, but the state’s Senate tabled the measure. Senate President Pro Tempore Brent Hill said if the House resolution passed, the state would lose FEMA funding. “We would forfeit tens of millions of dollars that President Trump and Congress have set aside.”

Most people don’t know that each state receives FEMA money for EACH NEW CASE of Covid-19, so long as a state of emergency is in place. And with FEMA money, governors are free to spend that money (i.e., “win friends and influence people”) however they want.

Allocating how money is spent is supposed to be the job of a state’s legislature. Not so with emergency money.

A huge thank you to Senator Brent Hill for being honest.  It’s about the money. Let’s not make any accusations, but wouldn’t it be nice to know if the good senator’s family or friends were on the receiving end of the governor’s allocations? No investigative journalists in Idaho’s traditional news media have reported on that yet, and frankly, it’s a fair question. 

Idaho receives $100,000 for each new case of Covid, and that’s one of the lower numbers in the country. According to Becker’s Hospital CFO report, North Carolina receives $252,000 for each new case, Minnesota receives $380,000, and West Virginia receives $471,000. Those numbers provide a lot of incentive for a state to “test, test, test” so they can report new cases.

“Tens of millions of dollars,” as Idaho State Senator Brent Hill says.

And today, Idaho’s Governor Brad Little announced that the state will remain in Stage 4.

Of course it will. There are tens of millions of reasons why.

Of course, the push for mask mandates has become a running gag, even among politicians and hospital workers. Last week I was at Idaho’s state capitol to testify against legislation that would have granted governments and hospitals immunity against lawsuits for Covid-related issues if they “acted in good faith.” I took multiple photographs of politicians who wore their masks when seated in committee meetings, but had their masks dangling from one ear as they talked with people face-to-face in the hallways. And I saw a previously masked representative giving someone a hug. 

The same Kabuki theater happens in hospitals. One doctor who’s been on the front line of fighting Covid recently told me:

“Yesterday the CEO of the hospital walked in, so I rapidly scrambled to put on my mask, even though she had already seen me without it. After about two minutes of talking to her, she took her mask off and then I took mine off. When we heard someone else walking in we both put our masks back on. Once the CEO left, the person who had just walked in took her mask off and I took mine back off, too. It is like a Monty Python skit.”

This doctor also told me that if healthcare professionals really believed wearing masks would save lives, they would never take them off.

Bottom line, multiple effective treatments for treating SARS-CoV-2 infections exist, but the Global Medical Establishment and politicians are playing games – big money games – to keep the population afraid and uniformed.

Fear porn.  Kabuki theater.  Monty Python skits.  Medical malfeasance. Whatever you want to call it, it’s all a show for a bigger agenda. 

As so many politicians and people in the Global Medial Establishment have said, “The ability to go back to normal depends on a vaccine.”  Be sure to follow the money.