For Obama, Hopelessness is the Key to Lower Unemployment

In a bizarre twist, the President who offered hope and change now uses hopelessness as his number one weapon to fight unemployment.

The Obama campaign is determined to do whatever it takes to get the unemployment rate below 8%. The President believes that if he can get unemployment below that magic number, then he can convince the American people that they should re-elect him for another four years.

Obama just has one problem, none of his ideas have created jobs, and he has no other ideas other than to do more of the same. So he cannot reduce the unemployment rate by creating jobs. That only leaves one other option – convince more Americans to stop looking for work.

Obama can reduce the unemployment rate if he can get more and more Americans to give up and leave the work force. The unemployment rate only counts Americans actually looking for work. Every week we see the numbers showing more and more Americans giving up hope leaving the workforce.

Obama and his administration only seem to encourage this exodus from the work force. Obama’s rhetoric has been uninspiring at best and demoralizing at worst. Instead of lifting the spirits of the American people, he has been appealing to jealousy and fear.

If you are poor or out of work, it must be because some rich guy isn’t paying his fair share of taxes. If you had big dreams, it is time to lower your expectations and get used to the new normal. This is the message from a president who offered hope and change.

This is the message of hopelessness the president offers. And it’s working.  In spite of a jobless recovery, we see the unemployment rate slowly tick down as more and more people give up hope and stop looking for work. And if more Americans give up hope, it will soon tick below 8%.

We should expect the president’s accomplices in the main-stream media to herald the day when the unemployment rate drops below 8%. With great fanfare President Obama will announce to the nation that he kept his promise and that we are moving forward.

All this should make Mitt Romney’s road to the White House a bit easier. He simply has to remind the American people of their true greatness and what they are capable of. Instead of giving up on their hopes and dreams, Romney will remind the American people they only need to give up on one thing – Barack Obama.