Are Women Really for Romney? And if so, why?

The latest NYT/CBS poll shows Romney leading Obama among all women voters  46% to 44%. This has come as a shock to liberals and the main stream media and a pleasant surprise to conservatives. This poll may just be an aberration. It is not uncommon for Democratic presidential candidates to have a 10 point or higher lead among women over their Republican counter-part. So to see Romney with a two point lead has astounded everyone.

Sometimes polls just get it wrong. We usually look at a series of polls to get the overall trend and then throw out the outliers. This poll might just be an outlier. But if it is not, then why are women going for Romney? One possible answer might be a twist in an old theory as to why women tend to vote more Democratic.

Women historically have had to rely on men to support them and their children. Before the dawn of the modern government safety net, having a child out of wedlock meant economic devastation for most women. The theory is that when women finally got the right to vote, they tended to vote for politicians promising to protect them with a government safety net. As this safety net has grown over time, women rely less and less upon men to support them.

But even  if this theory is correct, why would women suddenly support Romney over Obama – a president who clearly believes in a much bigger government safety net? While women want government to take on some of the roles of men, they certainly don’t want to be entangled with any government or man that is going to bankrupt them or their children. No woman wants a man who spends their money wildly on crazy get-rich-quick schemes and things they cannot afford, thereby plunging the entire family into bankruptcy. But women may very well see their replacement for men, the government, doing just that.

Women see President Obama promising that we can spend our way to prosperity. They have seen billions and trillions of dollars spent, yet none of the prosperity promised by the president has come to pass. Instead women see Obama piling up debt on a credit card that he has taken out in their children’s names. And they have had enough.

So if most women now view the government much like a man running his family into the poor house, then it is no wonder that they would be turning away from Obama. The economy is the number one issue for women. Yes, they may want a safety net, but not at the price of bankrupting themselves and their children.

So while Obama runs the country into the poor house, up steps Romney with a record of getting results and getting the job done. Which one will women vote for? As of right now, it’s Romney.