Is it Really That hard?

Cut the budget.  Cut spending.  Can’t touch entitlements.  Raise taxes.  It’s a combination of higher taxes and spending cuts.

No, it’s not this hard.  Look, Americans are a fundamentally fair minded people.  A people who now largely agree that spending is out of control and our debt situation is critical.  I think Nov 2 clearly sent that message.  People also know that we’re in for some pain.

What gets people’s panties in a wad is when some folks ox gets gored and others don’t.  Cut everything.  No exceptions.  Defense, education, Medicare, Social Security.  Everything 20% to start.  That will get us back to about 2008.

I’ve worked for a few Fortune 50 companies.  When things got tough, the boss said cut everything some percentage.  We bitched and moaned about not being able to do the work but guess what?  We got it done.  And so will the American people.  They’ll suck it up and get it done.

But let’s help a bit.  Let’s give tax anmesty to the estimated $2 TRILLION being held overseas by American companies to avoid the HIGHEST CORPORATE INCOME TAX RATE IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD.  Let’s cut Corporate taxes to a flat 10%.  You’ll not only see American companies come back with jobs but foreign companies coming here to invest in one of the most secure places on earth where the rule of law means something.

Let’s outlaw public employee unions and cut all gov’t salaries by 15%.  No new gov’t hiring for 5 years.  No more defined pension programs for any new gov’t workers at any level (local, state, or fed).  They can have 401K’s like the rest of us.  If gov’t doesn’t have the people to do some things, don’t do them.  Or move excess people from other departments.  I’ll wait at the Post Office for another 15 minutes.  Give states the right to declare bankruptcy. New York, California, and maybe a few others can’t survive without it.

Drill for energy.  Max it out.  We have resources, let’s get at them.  Eliminate the ridiculous red tape it takes to build a nuke plant.  We spend almost a $800 BILLION a year on foreign oil.  Let’s spend it here.

Make all states right to work.

Implement the Fair Tax…which includes repeal of the income tax.  Not both.

Use any unspent stimulus to pay down the deficit.  Same with repaid TARP funds.

Put tariffs on Chinese goods equal to their currency manipulation.

Quit printing money.  Let’s take our lumps and get past it.  We’re just making the eventual consequences worse. Look at GM and Chrysler.  Somebody should just put them out of their misery.  A REAL bankruptcy might have saved them but now they’re run by unions.  Pathetic.

Repeal Obamacare and replace it with something similar to Mitch Daniels plan in Indiana for state workers.  If you don’t know about it, go here: http://www.heartland.org/healthpolicy-news.org/article/27312/Indiana_Government_Workers_Taxpayers_Saving_Big_Through_HSAs.html  It’s worth your time.

That’s a start.  Do it.  Or we’re Greece.