"I am not an idealogue"

Excuse me, but ‘fraid so. A reasonable person, after getting hammered in New Jersey, Virginia, and the coup de grace of Massachusetts might be expected to reset their thinking about their policy direction.  Instead, this tone-deaf president makes statements about how the same anger and frustration which swept Brown into office swept him into office…and the only problem is that he hasn’t explained his policies well enough.  He simply cannot conceive that the majority of Americans don’t like his policies. This seems a bit idealogue-ish to me.  While people may have voted for “change we can believe in”, what they got was “change I can’t believe”.  And they don’t like it.

You also claim your not “some kind of socialist”.  Also, false.  Let’s analyze exactly why Republicans didn’t applaud in your SOTU address when you claimed you “cut taxes for 95% of Americans”.  Topline is because they know it’s not true.  According to IRS data from 2007, the most recent data available, slightly less than 50% of Americans pay no income taxes whatsoever. So, explain to me please, exactly how you cut taxes for these folks?  The most obvious answer is you can’t.  So when a check arrives in the mail with a “tax rebate”, what this citizen has received is a welfare check.  This is money which the government has taken from someone more productive and given to someone less productive (or unproductive).  This is absolutely classic socialist redistribution of wealth…and mislabeled as a “tax cut” in Orwellian socialist propaganda style.

Please Mr. Obama, gimme a break.  Give us all a break.