Q&A With TN-4 Candidate Ron Harwell

This is the long-awaited fifth and final installment of my series of blog posts introducing readers to the candidates vying for the Republican nomination in Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District and the opportunity to defeat four-term Democrat Rep. Lincoln Davis in November.

Previous Q&A’s were with Jack Bailey, Scott DesJarlais, Kent Greenough, and Don Strong.

Ron and I had some technical difficulties with the email Q&A, so since the opportunity presented itself, I decided to conduct a video interview with him at Saturday’s annual Maury County GOP Picnic in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

First, a very brief background on Lincoln Davis: He tends to keep a low profile (has anyone ever seen the guy on TV, even C-SPAN?), is a putative ‘Blue Dog’ Democrat…and yet votes with Nancy Pelosi more often than not. And although he ended up voting against Obamacare, he did authorize Pelosi to invoke the Slaughter “Deem & Pass” Rule, if necessary, to ensure that the unpopular, economically destructive bill would be rammed down our throats on way or another.

The Cook rating for TN-4 is R+13.

Translation: Davis is ripe for the picking.

Early voting is now underway, and the actual primary date is August 5th.

Thanks to Moe Lane for a few very basic but much appreciated pointers on How to Edit Your Video Interview with a Candidate or Politician.

After all, I consider him to be a pioneer of the genre.

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