Q&A With TN-4 Candidate Scott DesJarlais

This is the fourth in a five-part Q&A series designed to introduce readers to the GOP candidate field in Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District. The R+13 district has been represented by Democrat Lincoln Davis since January 2003.

So far, I have posted answers from Kent Greenough, Don Strong, and Jack Bailey.

This week, it’s Scott DesJarlais’ turn.

First, a brief case against Lincoln Davis. Davis enjoys the reputation of a Blue Dog, yet he votes with ultra-liberal Nancy Pelosi most of the time, and although in the end he did vote against ObamaCare, he played coy throughout the entire process. And let’s not forget he voted to give the nice lady the authority to invoke the Slaughter “Deem & Pass” Rule, if necessary, to ram ObamaCare down our throats.

He also voted twice for Pelosi to be House Speaker.

Some ‘Blue Dog’.

So here are the five GOP candidates in the mix: Jack Bailey, Scott DesJarlais, Kent Greenough, Ron Harwell, and Don Strong.

The primary date is August 5th.

This is an email Q&A. Please note I have not yet endorsed any candidate in this race, and the answers provided by the candidates do not necessarily reflect my personal viewpoint.

Scott DesJarlais

DC: Why are you running for Congress?

DESJARLAIS: I have always enjoyed sharing stories with my patients in the years that I have practiced medicine here in Tennessee. But over the past year, I noticed that stories started to change from talk about hunting and fishing to genuine panic about the future of this country because of the direction the Democrats in Congress have put us on. Never before have we as Americans felt as misrepresented by our government as we do right now. We are less free, we are less prosperous, and we definitely feel we are working for the government, instead of our government working for us. I’m running because it is past time that Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District be represented by someone who is a true conservative and who represents who we are in the Volunteer State.

DC: How would you describe Tennessee’s 4th Congressional district?

DESJARLAIS: The 4th Congressional is a rural district where people are proud to put in an honest day’s work. We believe in God, and family and that success is created by working hard every day. We don’t want the government interfering in our lives or telling us what to do. And we are tired of being the victims of a liberal system that is slowly stripping us of our means to live and survive.

DC: Why does Lincoln Davis not deserve a 5th term?

DESJARLAIS: Lincoln Davis has supported Nancy Pelosi’s anti-business, big government policies a disturbing 83% of the time. He claims to be a “blue dog” Democrat. He is a “lap dog” Democrat who claims to be one thing in Tennessee but acts and votes another way in DC. You can’t claim to be pro-life and then vote to remove the restrictions that prevented government-funded abortions in the District of Columbia. He has voted for every spending bill and is part of the problem that has created our economic troubling times. The time for career politicians is over. The people deserve to be represented, not taken advantage of to appease Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank and Barack Obama.

DC: Name one thing you would propose or support as a U.S. Representative to help the economy.

DESJARLAIS: First, I will vote to reduce the size and scope of government by supporting a spending freeze on all non-budgetary items. We must stop the continued passage of runaway spending bills that simply support personal political agendas. There is simply no place in the national budget for earmarks and pet projects that only serve personal political agendas. I will also vote to decrease our tax burden and eliminate the death tax so small business and farms can grow. We can spend our money better than the government can, period. We must stop punishing hard work and rewarding laziness. This is the only way we are going to create and preserve jobs.

DC: What should the United States do about Iran?

DESJARLAIS: The United States should first impose sanctions against Iran and then demand that the United Nations and nations such as Russia and China follow suit. We must also work with these countries to recognize the importance of Israel and why it must be protected. Iran is dangerous and to treat them as anything but a threat to this country is foolish, at best.

DC: Where can voters go to get more information on your campaign?

DESJARLAIS: www.scottdesjarlais.com or they can join me on both Facebook and Twitter.

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