Q&A With TN-4 Candidate Jack Bailey

This is the third in a five-part Q&A series designed to introduce readers to the GOP candidate field in Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District. The R+13 district has been represented by Democrat Lincoln Davis since January 2003.

So far, I have posted answers from Kent Greenough and Don Strong.

This week, we meet Jack Bailey.

As I have mentioned before, Lincoln Davis is a reputed Blue Dog, yet he votes with ultra-liberal Nancy Pelosi most of the time, and although in the end he did vote against ObamaCare, he played coy throughout the entire process. And let’s not forget he voted to give the nice lady the authority to invoke the Slaughter “Deem & Pass” Rule, if necessary, to ram ObamaCare down our throats.

He also voted twice for Pelosi to be House Speaker.

Some ‘Blue Dog’.

So here are the five GOP candidates in the mix: Jack Bailey, Scott DesJarlais, Kent Greenough, Ron Harwell, and Don Strong.

The primary date is August 5th.

This is an email Q&A. Please note I have not yet endorsed any candidate in this race, and the answers provided by the candidates do not necessarily reflect my personal viewpoint.

Jack Bailey

DC: Why are you running for Congress?

BAILEY: I am running for Congress for two reasons. First, I believe that if we don’t stand up to the radical agenda of Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Lincoln Davis, then our children will grow up in a vastly different world than the one we grew up in. As a father of six children, I refuse to stand by idly.

Second, as I look at so many of the current Congressmen, it is apparent to me that most of the current members have little actual knowledge of and experience in the private sector. For instance, Congress has a significant influence over banking, but few members have any experience in banking; it has taken over healthcare, but so few members have any experience in the business of healthcare; it is in the process of strangling small business, but so few have any experience running a company. As a small business owner, I have extensive experience in manufacturing, banking, healthcare and energy.

Perhaps most importantly, I know what it is like to pay someone else before I get paid. I believe that if those of us who actually know from experience how to grow the economy and create jobs don’t stand up, we have little chance of restoring one of our most important sources of prosperity—our free markets.

DC: How would you describe Tennessee’s 4th Congressional district?

BAILEY: The Fourth District is pure heartland America. I love it, and am proud of it.

We worship God and believe that America is truly exceptional; we are independent and believe that in this world our values will not long endure if we are unwilling or unable to protect them; we are conservative and believe that this is a nation where self-reliance and individual effort are the key to prosperity and security for ourselves and our children; and finally we believe in the Constitution and recognize that one of the greatest gifts our Founders gave us was a Constitution that described a limited federal government of enumerated powers. Today people in the Fourth District are mad that Washington has forgotten its constitutional role, and instead tries to tax, spend, and regulate everyone else into submission. They want—they deserve—someone who will go to Washington for them and insist that Federal government respect its constitutional limits.

DC: Why does Lincoln Davis not deserve a 5th term?

BAILEY: Lincoln Davis was first elected to office in 1978. He has had over 30 years to make a difference in our State and in our district. Right now, we have unemployment in many of the counties in the 4th district of nearly 20% and a national debt of over $13 trillion. Our federal spending is simply out of control. Our politicians, Nancy Pelosi and Lincoln Davis in particular, are responsible for our plight. It’s time for a new direction. It’s time for a U.S. Representative from the 4th District who has experience in growing the economy. It’s time for a leader who shares the values of this district and will advocate on their behalf. After the healthcare bill vote, Congressman Davis showed us that he unwilling or unable to fight for us and it’s time to send him home.

DC: Name one thing you would propose or support as a U.S. Representative to help the economy.

BAILEY: As a small business owner, I know how to grow the economy and create jobs. The best our government can do for the economy is to create the conditions for economic growth. The government can create these conditions by reducing regulation and cutting taxes.

One of the myths I read every day is that our unemployment is so high because of layoffs. In fact, our economy loses jobs all the time as consumer preferences change. While layoffs have risen slightly, the number of layoffs are not significantly higher than usual. The reality is that unemployment has risen because new jobs aren’t being created. Why? Because business owners and entrepreneurs are too frightened to invest in new projects. They are frightened because of the uncertainty created by President Obama and the Pelosi, Davis Congress. The potential rewards of job creation have decreased because of tax hikes. The risks have increased because of the continuing meddling of the federal government in our economy through regulation.

Our economy is stagnant, because our politicians have destroyed the economic conditions necessary for growth. To those of us actually in the private sector and in the small business world, we know this. I believe that it is time to replace the politicians in Washington with men and women who understand small business and how to grow the economy.

DC: What should the United States do about Iran?

BAILEY: The threat of nuclear proliferation in Iran is the single greatest foreign policy challenge faced by America at present, and the current administration is asleep at the wheel. If things continue on their current path, Iran may have nuclear weapons within a year and the means to deliver them shortly.

I believe, then, that the United States should by whatever means are required, prevent the rise of a nuclear Iran. United with our friends and allies if possible. Alone if necessary.

DC: Where can voters go to get more information on your campaign?

BAILEY: Come visit us at Jack Bailey for Congress or on Facebook.

Next week: Ron Harwell.

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