Q&A With TN-4 Candidate Don Strong

This is the second in a five-part series designed to introduce readers to the candidates vying for the Republican nomination in Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District and the opportunity to defeat four-term Democrat Rep. Lincoln Davis in November. Last week, I began with Kent Greenough.

This week, it’s Don Strong’s turn.

As I mentioned before, Lincoln Davis – the reputed Blue Dog – supports Nancy Pelosi two-thirds of the time on key issues, and voted to give the nice lady the authority to invoke the Slaughter “Deem & Pass” Rule, if necessary, to ram ObamaCare down our throats.

The Cook rating for TN-4 is R+13.

Which means Lincoln Davis is beatable.

The GOP field is comprised of Jack Bailey, Scott DesJarlais, Kent Greenough, Ron Harwell, and Don Strong.

The primary date is August 5th.

This is an email Q&A. Please note I have not yet endorsed any candidate in this race, and the answers provided by the candidates do not necessarily reflect my personal viewpoint.

Don Strong

DC: Why are you running for Congress?

STRONG: I announced my candidacy when I sensed a need for conservative leadership within the Republican party.

DC: How would you describe Tennessee’s 4th Congressional district?

STRONG: The 4th district covers an extremely large area and is blessed with many natural resources. It is filled with wonderful people and wonderful opportunities. With proper leadership, the 4th district could evolve from a diamond in the rough to a shining example of what America is and can be when given the opportunity to shine.

DC: Why does Lincoln Davis not deserve a 5th term?

STRONG: Lincoln Davis voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House, he is out of touch with the people of the 4th district and represents Washington Politics.

DC: Name one thing you would propose or support as a U.S. Representative to help the economy.

STRONG: I would bring the telemarketing jobs back home. I feel it is a risk to national security for foreign nationals to have access to our financial, medical and other information. I believe that Americans deserve to speak with Americans when making a customer service call. This could be done relatively quickly as these are portable jobs and would bring approximately six and one half million jobs back home.

DC: What should the United States do about Iran?

STRONG: Iran cannot be allowed to possess nuclear weapons capability.

DC: Where can voters go to get more information on your campaign?

STRONG: My website address is http://www.donaldstrong.com.

Next week: Jack Bailey.

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