When Tom Coburn Gets Stupid, Newsweek Gets Stupider

Last week, the normally sensical and conservative-friendly Senator Tom Coburn stood before a town hall gathering in Oklahoma and – to put it charitably – brain-farted.

And it sure was a stinker.

Coburn insisted that deep down Nancy Pelosi was a ‘nice lady‘ who he just happens to disagree with – and oh by the way, don’t believe all those crazy ObamaCare rumors you hear on Fox News.

Like the one about American citizens facing potential fines and jail time if they don’t comply with the new individual mandate to buy government-approved health insurance.

Oh, wait – Coburn didn’t exactly deny that. He just said that jail time wasn’t Democrats’ intent.

Doesn’t that make you feel better?

Naturally, the knuckleheaded mouth-breathers in the left-wing media took Coburn’s moronic comments and ran right over the cliff with them.

And now, Newsweek is even asking: “Are Establishment Republicans Turning Against Fox”?

The question is so absurd on its face it is unworthy of a serious response. However, I can’t resist a couple of observations.

Take a guess – which of these ‘prominent conservative pundits’ does Newsweek cite as a typical ‘establishment Republican’ asking if the party is turning against Fox News?

  1. David Brooks
  2. Meghan McCain
  3. David Frum

If you answered “Who cares? They’re all the same!” – then you guessed right.

And were you aware that the mainstream media has moved to the center in recent years? Oh yes, it’s true! Newsweek says we should ignore Anderson Cooper’s nasty sex jokes about tea partiers, Larry King’s relentless harrassment of Carrie Prejean, and Rick Sanchez putting words in Rush Limbaugh’s mouth, because…


Need they say more? With this one hiring, CNN has provided a counterweight to decades of its own shameless moonbattery and even begun a media-wide trend to the center!

Oh well, back to the ‘echo chamber’ I go – though I’m not sure who invited Greta Van Susteren, Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, Al Sharpton, Shepherd Smith, Alan Colmes, Susan Estrich, Nancy Skinner, Kirsten Powers, et al.

h/t: Teri Christoph.

Cross-posted to Dan Cleary.