Olbermann's Dad Would Have Been a Prime Candidate to Be 'ObamaCare Rationed'*

Without a doubt.

Think about it.  Theodore Olbermann was 81 years old.  How many octogenerians do you think will qualify for colon surgery under a government-run health care system?  Try somewhere between few and none.  The risk of complications is high (see Olbermann, Theodore) and additional, costly post-op procedures are likely.  Frankly, our government is not going to be in a position to allocate limited health care dollars on geezers heading into (or if they’re lucky, emerging from) colon surgery with a dwindling supply of quality-adjusted life years left in the tank.

“But ObamaCare isn’t government-run health care, you ignorant right-wing fear-monger!  Besides, I am pretty sure the bill says I’ll be able to just sock it to my insurance company. (Those bastards!)”

Dear, precious child!  Don’tcha see?  The insurance companies will quickly vaporize once they are compelled by the government to charge everyone the same rate and to take all comers, regardless of pre-existing medical conditions.  So there won’t be any insurance companies left to sock it to.

“Well, I have a living will right here – and Papa insists that we do everything we possibly can to extend his life, at all costs.  You know what, maybe we *can* pay for his surgery.  Yes, yes – we’ll find a way to pay for it!”

Sorry.  The answer in these cases will almost surely be “No”.  On the bright side, these tasty blue pills will be covered, regardless of age or medical condition.

Does that make you feel any better?

Cross-posted at Dan Cleary.

*Euphemism I saw once a while back on Twitter.