How Do We *Know* Robert Byrd Is Still With Us?

Mark Levin kicked off the second hour of Monday night’s show with some food for thought:

“By the way…do we in fact know that [Robert Byrd] is still with us?  I don’t put it past the Democrats and Obama to take this guy to a taxidermist – like a deer – sit him in that chair, and vote for him.”

Neither would I.

After all, this is the same guy that gets wheeled onto the Senate floor for key votes – on a hospital bed hooked up to an IV drip, if necessary – so that some staffer can poke him when his name comes up for roll call.

Nothing against old people, mind you.  My own grandparents were old, and they were wonderful people.  I aspire to become on old person myself, one day.  But Byrd doesn’t know where he is half the time anymore, and yet there he is – still casting crucial votes on health care, cap & trade, and spending bills.

I’d say it’s high time for someone hand this guy a Del Boca Vista brochure, but it’s probably too late for that.

BONUS VIDEO: Archival footage of a younger, sprier Byrd (circa February 2008):

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