"Is That Single-Payer?"

Helen Thomas’ QALY ratio is rapidly approaching zero, but God bless her, she’s still going strong at 89 years young.

Barack Obama’s also turned 48 today.

To celebrate, the President walked out into the White House briefing room with his entourage in tow to lead the room in a round of Happy Birthday, and he presented Ms. Thomas with a cupcake:

Obama: “She and I also have a common birthday wish.  She says she hopes for real health care reform.”

WHPC: *Laughter*

Unidentified WHPC member: “Is that single-payer?”

Obama (thinking to himself): “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.”

I’m guessing it was ABC’s Jake Tapper who make the half-joking reference to single-payer, since it sort of sounds like him and he was in the vicinity just off-camera.  If I am able to confirm this, rest assured I’ll be turning Mr. Tapper in to the appropriate authorities.

Hat tip: Breitbart.