Moved to Tears

**I was thinking of Regan and of the day I saw him in San Diego. I was in college and had gotten an hour notice that he would be speaking. This was for his re-election and my first time voting. I got there was in the back of the crowd. I am 4’10 so it was hard for me to see. I moved my way up,to the very front! Next to me was a very big and very tall secret service guy. He stood out like a sore thumb. I was about 15 ft from Regan. As he spoke I began to cry. I did not vote for him because he was a former governor of Ca,or actor. It was because he stood for real values. He was far from perfect,who is,not me. But he was not afraid to stand up to the bully! After all, 444 days of Iran students holding our embassy hostage was enough for me. I do not look at the gender or race or party. I look at what they stand for. John McCain and Palin are those for me.