Principles and Integrity Matter in a Candidate

I started this race back in January when I realized I couldn’t take it anymore. The previous year, the Democrats had passed an enormous Stimulus bill, spending nearly a trillion dollars, and they didn’t even read the bill! It was filled with payoffs and paybacks to special interest groups. This is not only typical behavior of the Democrats, but also of career establishment Republicans as well.

My family and friends encouraged me to run and we vowed to conduct a campaign based on integrity and principles. We were determined to always tell the truth and be able to walk away from this, win or lose, with our heads held high.

Now, in the final days of the campaign for Michigan’s 1st District, my opponent, Jason Allen, shows that he is a desperate man. He is a career politician, long beholden to special interests in Lansing and he is looking to continue a political career. He did not choose to run until incumbent Bart Stupak, who betrayed the people, decided to retire. Bart Stupak was a Democrat career politician, supported by special interest groups. Jason Allen comes from the same mold. Long known for his connections and special interests in Lansing, he represents the type of politician to whom the people refer when they say, “Enough is Enough!”

Mr. Allen’s last-minute entry into the race was encouraged by other establishment career politicians with whom he has close connections, and the decision was not made until it looked like an easy run – Bart Stupak was retiring. But, you the people have been speaking up everywhere, and, as grassroots activists, your choice is not a career politician, but someone who is one of you and will represent you, and not special interests and politics as usual.

Jason Allen, a Republican, is acting like a Democrat. Yes, like Bart Stupak, who betrayed this district, and who spent his political career catering to the special interest groups of his party. Based on the behavior that I have seen in his campaign, I have no reason to think he will behave otherwise if he goes to Washington.

Grassroots activism, which is strong and growing all across this country, represents an awakening of the American people, and certainly the people of Michigan’s 1st District. The people want, no require, integrity and honesty in their representatives. Candidates who try to smear other candidates with lies and distortions lack integrity, and demonstrate behavior typical of professional politicians; they don’t truly represent the people. You, the people, have said, “no more politics as usual.” Remember the support Jason Allen received from SEIU? SEIU and ACORN use similar tactics in smearing anyone who opposes them. They demonize their opponents, which is why they called us racist for supporting Arizona. Do you like the idea of Jason Allen, a Republican, taking cues from the SEIU? I just can’t believe it, nor will I accept it.

I have run my campaign with integrity and my commitment to you is to be your principled representative. If you nominate me and send me to Washington in November, I will be an activist Congressman. Seven months ago, I decided that “Enough was Enough”, now let’s seal the deal in the primary on Tuesday.

Help me take our government back. You have helped so much already, providing the necessary resources to get our message out. Now I am asking you to stand with me this weekend, and give of your time to help me respond to these negative smears. Would you be willing to call voters across the 1st District and refute these attacks and lies? This can be done from your own home; all you need is a phone and a computer with access to the Internet. If you have friends or family in Michigan’s 1st District would you call them and let them know about my campaign? Together, you and I can do this.

Thank you,
Dan Benishek

P.S. I would like to thank Mr. Herman Cain for the support he has given me as expressed in the video below.