Michigan's 1st District and Activism

This past weekend we celebrated Memorial Day.  We honored those that have died so that we would remain free.  We can feel nothing but gratitude for the full price they paid in service to our country.  The men and women of our Armed Forces today continue to serve their country in the cause of freedom.  It occurred to me that our all-volunteer military today is an amazing frontline group of activists.  Perhaps not in the traditional or popular notion of activism, but nevertheless, those who choose the military are making an active choice to help preserve our country, because they care about freedom and liberty.  They do it for us, the American People.

In the political realm, we see activism of another type, but nevertheless just as important to the cause of preserving liberty and freedom.  Recently, I wrote about traveling throughout Michigan’s 1st District and listening to the people.  Americans are stepping up and speaking out across the nation. We’re called activists – you and me – and the Washington establishment is afraid of us.  We had an example of important activism in Michigan just last week.  State Senator Jason Allen, who is also a candidate for the GOP 1st District nomination, had provisions in his Senate bill that would have forced independent home care providers into unions.  This state of affairs has SEIU fingerprints all over it, and would have once again interfered with free enterprise and the right of people to be free to make their own choices.  I called upon Senator Allen to rethink his sponsorship of such a bill, a bill at odds with our fight to remain free and not beholden and enslaved to unions and big government.  It appears that Sen. Allen got the message and he did withdraw these provisions.  Again, it takes an outsider, someone not in debt to special interests groups, to make a difference.

I mentioned that Washington is afraid of you, the people.  They do not want to hear from the people who want to stop out-of-control spending, and limit the intrusion of government into our lives, or protect our borders.  Bluntly, Washington is afraid we will put them out of business.  Here is what we say to Washington – “Too bad, DC, the people are just getting started.  Phone calls helped elect a Republican in Massachusetts to a seat the Democrats thought they owned for eternity, and the recent House race in Hawaii’s 1st District was won by Republican Charles Djou in what had been a Democrat stronghold.

This is all activism, people from across the nation and locally who want to take back their government and control of their lives, and it’s happening at the grassroots level.  RedState has an amazing activist, ColdWarrior, who, one precinct committeeman at a time, will enable us to take back our party and our country.  Grassroots activism is being done by all of you via websites, phone calls, donations, GOTV and hands-on help in campaigns.   Michigan’s 1st District is part of this greater movement sweeping the country, and as one of them, I am proud to see us – we the people – doing the work.

Next week primaries are going to be held in a number of states.  Michigan’s primary is not until August.  In the meantime, you, the people, my fellow activists, can help candidates in other races by participating in phone bank calls, donations and contacting friends and relatives who may live in some of these states, to get out and vote.  Getting out the vote is critical in achieving our goal of taking back our government.  We all understand that Washington is broken; we need to decide who is going to fix it; this means sending the right people to Washington.   In August, I hope that you will allow me the honor and privilege to be the Republican nominee for the 1st District, and then in November, send me to Washington as your elected Representative.  This is activism at the grassroots level.  The people of Michigan’s 1st District can join with activists across the nation in telling Washington, “Enough is Enough.”

Dan Benishek for Congress; Michigan’s 1st District.