SB1070 and Cinco de Mayo - It's all about disrespect now

Earlier this week, I heard of an incident that happened in Montebello, CA. Several Hispanic students, in a protest of SB1070 – which doesn’t affect them since they don’t live in Arizona! – violated the US Flag Code, as shown in the pictures below:



These images clearly show the students not only flying the American flag upside-down, but also flying another country’s flag above it. the first offense is, to my understanding, not illegal per se, but is usually reserved as a sign of an emergency situation. The second – flying another country’s flag above the Stars and Stripes – is against the US Flag Code, which you can read in full here. The relevant language comes from Section 7c:

§7. Position and manner of display


c. No other flag or pennant should be placed above or, if on the same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America…

While there are no statutory penalties for violation of the Flag Code, the lack of comment on this issue by the MSM is astounding. I would have expected to hear something from them, although it probably would have ended up being a defense of the students.

Having grown up in Southern California, I have seen displays of “Mexican pride” before, but nothing to this level.

Contrast the above to this:

Zombie has an interesting article today on Pajamas Media about some high school students in California – the Bay Area to be more precise – who wore t-shirts to school yesterday that had images of the American flag on them. These students were told to turn their shirts inside out to hide the flag because it was Cinco de Mayo and the might start a fight with their insensitive shirts. The school administration thought – is a soft racism kind of way – that Hispanic students would be so offended by the sight of the American flag on their holiday that wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from resorting to violence.

One question – doesn’t the school fly the American flag in plain sight? If so, why wasn’t it taking down for the all-important minor Cinco de Mayo holiday (at least it’s a minor holiday in Mexico)?

How is it that these people can get away with such blatant disrespect of us and the country we hold dear, while patriotic American are denigrated and even punished for showing their patriotism? Something must be done about the PC attitude that is so pervasive right now. We need to stand up for our rights, even when doing so is unpopular. My hat is off to those five Live Oak High School students who stood their ground for what is right!