Disappointment - Palin Endorses Fiorina

So I’m checking my Facebook today and see a link to a Sarah Palin post titled “Let’s Shake it up in California.” I’m thinking that she’s finally on board with Chuck DeVore. Imagine my disappointment when I began reading this:

I’d like to tell you about a Commonsense Conservative running for office in California this year. She grew up in a modest home with a school teacher dad, worked her way through several colleges, and then entered an arena where few women had tread. Through a combination of hard work, perseverance, and common sense, she proved the naysayers wrong to reach the top of her field, where she led with distinction – facing hard truths, making tough decisions, and showing real leadership through a rocky transition period. Where others had failed, her company had weathered the storm and settled on a stronger new foundation.

Her name is Carly Fiorina, and I’m proud to endorse her for U.S. Senate.

Carly Fiorina? A “Commonsense Conservative”? Since when?

She continues:

We can trust Carly to do the right thing for America’s economy and to make the principled decisions she has throughout her professional career.

Should we ask those who worked under Fiorina at HP how “principled” she was during her tenure there? I don’t think the Fiorina campaign will want to go there.

Finally, there’s this:

Please consider that Carly is the conservative who has the potential to beat California’s liberal senator, Barbara Boxer, in November. I’m a huge proponent of contested primaries, so I’m glad to see the contest in California’s GOP, but I support Carly as she fights through a tough primary against a liberal member of the GOP who seems to bear almost no difference to Boxer, one of the most leftwing members of the Senate.

Obviously, she’s referring to Tom Campbell as Firoina’s opponent here, but nowhere in the post is there a direct – or even indirect – mention of Chuck DeVore.

What was Palin thinking? How could she endorse the Demon Sheep?

I wondered about Palin’s endorsement of John McCain, but came to grips with it as payback for his introducing her on the national stage. With the Fiorina endorsement today, I’m not so sure about my conclusion any longer. My respect for Palin has certainly taken a hit with this one. In find myself in the – for me – awkward position of disagreeing with Palin and agreeing with Mike Huckabee (who I REALLY don’t like), who has endorsed Chuck DeVore. Talk about the world turned upside-down…