Use the Dems' own tools against them in the HCR debate!

As part of doing opposition research, I signed up to receive e-mails from the DNC.  (Talk about taking one for the team…)

Anyway, last night, I got the following from Gov. Tim Kaine, DNC chair:

I just met with the President, where I was proud to fill him in on all the great work that you’re doing to pass health reform.

We spoke about the calls you’ve made, the letters you’ve written, and the terrific events you’ve organized on the ground.

And he asked me to pass along a message to you: All of your hard work is paying off. The conversations he’s been having with members of Congress in these days are far more productive because you’ve spoken up back home.

The President is optimistic — and thinks we’re going to have a vote and pass reform very, very soon. But he also made it clear that he’s not letting up for a moment, and urged that all of us do the same.

We’ll all need to step up to help the President pass reform. Can you take a moment right now to write to your member of Congress?


I’m grateful for all you’ve done. And today, the President reminded me that he is as well.

Thank you,

Governor Tim Kaine

Out of curiosity, I clicked the link, where I was able to enter a zip code to find out who my Congresscritter is. I “accidentally” entered the zip code of an old address which I knew was represented by a Dem. When I clicked submit, up popped a fully-editable form letter which thanked Rep. Sanchez (D-CA) for her previous support. Suffice it to say that I HEAVILY edited the letter to show my opposition to the bill, and then sent it on.

Just for fun, I went to the original page again and put in my real zip code. My Congresscritter has an “R” after his name. Wouldn’t ya know it, the form letter was different this time. It tried to convince Rep. Deal (R-GA) to change his vote and support the bill. I again HEAVILY edited it to show my displeasure with the bill.

The point of this post is that the Dems have given us a wonderful, FREE tool for contacting Congresspeople. They even allow us to change their form letter to send the RIGHT message.

The URL again is http://my.democrats.org/ReformLetters…USE IT!