Great comments by Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI)

H/T to my friend Cathy Bell for pointing this video clip out to me. Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI) makes comments about one of the many health care bills…

I love how Rogers unwaveringly makes his points – using facts and quoting from the bill, although I don’t think this is Granny Nan’s favorite bill (HR 3200) that he’s referring to. There are so many House versions of Obamacare that sometimes it’s hard to keep them straight.

Cathy’s comment that accomanied the video is also instructive – “I’m part of this 15% uninsured population, but I’m 100% in agreement with this congressman. There just HAS to be a plan that doesn’t involve government control. Why is that so difficult for BO to consider? I terribly need insurance …offered to me (w/pre-existing conditions), but not at the cost of what this “reform” means for America.”

While this is anecdotal, it is evidence that even people who don’t currently have insurance don’t the government takeover. Wonder why we don’t hear about that in the MSM, huh?

Have a great day!

P.S. Just one question…doesn’t this make Rogers a racist?