Stop Obama's Surrender of American Sovereignty! Support the HALT Act.

President Obama recently announced a new policy of selective enforcement of our immigration laws. Illegal immigrants won’t be targeted unless they commit a violent crime. This defacto amnesty of illegal immigrants is a crime against the American people.   Federal, state and local officials, and now our President, find it impossible to deny illegals services and benefits. That means our scarce education, health care and job training dollars, which should be going to our own people, will be spent on illegals, who the President wants to ignore being here.

The Republican Party should declare that it is our uncompromising policy that the United States government watch out for the interests and well being of the American people. That means the flood of illegal immigrants pouring into our country has to be stopped. It doesn’t mean legalizing their status under the guise of “comprehensive reform” which is in reality an amnesty that will most certainly encourage more and more to pour across our border. It doesn’t mean spending what little we have to provide education (like the Dream Act) or health care to illegals, which will ensure those coming illegally will bring their whole family. It also doesn’t mean permitting illegals to bid down the wages of American working people … and then take their jobs.

Politicians who send their kids to expensive private schools and live in guarded communities may not realize how illegal immigration is dragging down the quality of life for regular American citizens.  Across our country, education and health care systems are deteriorating.  In some states, like California, the criminal justice system is collapsing under the weight of illegals being crammed into overcrowded prisons. Neighborhoods that once were safe are now the turf of gangs and criminals who shouldn’t even be in our country. It is a crime against our people that we are letting this happen.

That we are spending so many billions of dollars on illegals is a travesty.  And how are we paying for these benefits?  We are borrowing from China to provide benefits to illegals. Worse, our children will have to repay the debt, but illegals are bidding down wages and undermining the quality of their education. This is insanity. Why has the Republican party not loudly and unmistakably voiced our outrage over this betrayal of the American people? We still can and we will earn the trust of the American people.

I challenge the GOP candidates for President to clearly and solemnly pledge support for any legislation that prevents illegals from receiving government benefits, especially health care and education, perhaps by mandating that all government programs must E-verify applicants, and yes, that E-verify requirements will be strictly enforced against employers.

In short, the American people need to know we Republicans are on their side. We can be proud that America, with our support, permits more LEGAL immigration into our country than all the other nations of the earth combined. But we cannot permit millions more to come here illegally, to flood into our cities and counties with no checking their of health or criminal status.  Simply advocating a more effective border fence is a rouse used as a distraction by those who really don’t want to do, or are unwilling to do, anything that would have a real impact on illegal immigration. Gov. Perry, of course,  doesn’t even support a fence to control our border and brags about providing a Dream Act like College education to illegals who aren’t even legally eligible to work in our country.

With no benefits and no jobs available to them, these folks will quit coming and those who are here illegally, without a job or government benefits, will go home on their own. That is what is in the interest of the American people, and that should be our promise and our cause.

Finally, illegal immigration hurts those Americans who are suffering the most in this economic downturn.  Young Black Americans and yes, Hispanic Americans can’t even get into entry level jobs and often the jobs they get pay less than ever before and health insurance is not provided. That isn’t to say that Anglo-Americans are not suffering the same. What is important is to recognize that we are all in the same family, the American family, made up of every race, religion and ethnic background. And we welcome legal immigrants into that family. They too are hurt by illegals who thumb their nose at our laws and skip the line of those waiting to come here legally.  We Republicans need to reaffirm to the American people, to the American family, that we are unequivocally and unapologetically on your side.

If jobs and unemployment really are the issues of the day, and will determine the next election, the millions of illegals working here are taking jobs from Americans and bidding down wages of the rest.  So let’s prove we are the one party with loyalty to the interests of our fellow Americans.

If anyone out there would like to join us, we need to get the word out to support the HALT Act.  Sign the petition and send a letter to your congressman now and urge them to support the HALT Act, legislation that’s designed to be the first step in this battle.