Stop the Patent Ripoff bill

A pivotal fight is about to take place in the U.S. Congress.  It is not likely to earn the attention of the mainstream media but it is a legislative battle that will determine the future prosperity and security of our country.

Other than the love of liberty in the hearts of the American people, our greatest asset has been the technological genius of our people.  This genius is not due solely to our diversity, which is often recognized, but instead to the legal structure that establishes  the indisputable rights of those creators and inventors within the American jurisdiction.  Our prosperity and national security can be traced to the technological edge that our working people and our defenders have had over their adversaries.  This technological edge was by design part of the vision of our founding fathers that worked so well.  It is an essential part of our U.S. Constitution and now there is a power play that if not thwarted, will change this essential ingredient of America’s success.

An insidious patent bill has already passed through the U.S. Senate, and one of similar ilk, H.R. 1249, the so-called “America Invents Act” ( I prefer to call the “Patent Ripoff Act”), has already made it’s way through the House Judiciary Committee and will soon be voted on by the entire House.

This bill is being herald as a vehicle to bring needed modernization and efficiencies to the U.S. Patent Office.  And yes, making the Patent Office more efficient is a good idea.  Unfortunately, the reforms of this legislation are a cover for a heavy-handed attack on the basic nature of America’s patent system.  The real purpose behind H.R. 1249 is not reform but rather to harmonize America’s strong patent system with the weak patent protection offered by patent systems in Asia and in Europe.  If there’s to be a harmonization of international patent law, we should not be weakening our system and undermine our inventors.  The weak patent systems overseas should be strengthened to harmonize with us.

The patent bill now pending in Congress would change the basic standard for patent ownership, which has been in place since our Constitution was written.  The American system has insisted that patents be given to the inventors.  The European system bestows the ownership of a new technology to the first entity to file a patent. The authors of the pending legislation are now denying that this is such a major change, but if that’s so, why is making this change a major goal of their legislation?

H.R. 1249 also adds new avenues for major companies, foreign and domestic, to attack an inventor’s rights even after a patent has been issued.  Little guys will be overwhelmed by Chinese and multi-national corporations and their inventions will be plundered while inventors are tied up defending themselves from these new challenges made possible by H.R. 1249.  The result of all of this will be foreign and multi-national corporations ripping off American inventors wholesale.  As a result in our lifetime we will see America lose its edge both in economic competition as well as our national security.  Multinational corporations behind this legislation don’t give a damn about that.  They have already built factories and transferred technology to hostile countries.  But we patriots do.  It’s time for us to mobilize and save our country.

This patent battle is but one of several that have taken place over the last two decades, with very little public awareness that legislation of such importance was working its way through Congress.  The same globalists that threaten us now, ten years ago were pushing to mandate that American patent applications be published even before the patent is granted.  Obviously an invitation to steal American inventions on a grand scale.  The so-called reform however, was  justified as being necessary to “harmonize” our patent system with the rest of the world.  That obvious attempt to facilitate the ripoff of American inventors was barely thwarted by a bi-partisan coalition that is now gearing up to do battle against the current ripoff proposal.  Again it’s the big guys vs. the little guys, the globalists vs. the patriots.

For the little guys to win this time, all of us have got to act and act now.  Members of Congress need to hear from their constituents. The patent rights of our people will not be diminished in an attempt to “harmonize” our laws with those countries in which the little guys have no constitutional protections.   Call your Congressman or click here to send a letter and tell your representative to “Vote NO on the America Invents Act (H.R. 1249), which would be better called “the Patent Ripoff Act.”