What Are You Thinking?!!!!

Be kind to me as this is the first time I have EVER blogged before and I’m not really sure what I’m doing, but here goes…..

McCain’s campaign needs to take a clue. I know you have staffers that are watching and listenting to Fox and talk radio. Do you hear them saying that unless McCain starts showing some passion then it’s over? I know that I’m just one of many, many Americans who are mad as hell, to put it quite bluntly and we want accountability of people who put America in the position we’re in now. Why isn’t the campaign stating the facts and why don’t they quit playing nice? Can’t they see that it isn’t getting them ANYWHERE??!!! Why don’t they state that Obama was the 2nd highest recipient from Fannie and Freddie, having only been in the Senate 3 years? Why aren’t they saying that Charles Schumer fought against legislation, when the Bush Adminitstration tried to bring attention to this looming problem as far back as 2001? Why aren’t they saying anything about Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank’s role in all of this? Chris Dodd being the highest recipient from Fannie and Freddie? The Democrats voting against legislation 2 different times while Republicans voted for it, the last being in 2005 that might have stopped this calamity from happening? Why aren’t they saying that Fannie and Freddie were contributing heavily to the Democrat’s campaigns and therefore the Dems were not going to cut off the hand that was feeding them? I just don’t understand why this campaign is not willing to show this to the American public. They keep saying it’s greed on Wallstreet, but what about the corrupt and greed in the Democratic party. To me as is to many other, this is a no brainer. There are 2 charismatic figures in this campaign season and that is Barack and Sarah. Here are 2 relatively newcomers on the scene and on the other hand, we have 2 “old Washington” candidates. It is easy to see that the people are gravitating to the newcomers. McCain truly needs to take note. We are looking for change and that is NOT a cliche. McCain needs to show some passion, show some anger, talk straight. He claims to be the “Straight Talking Express” but I’m not seeing it. He needs to name names, site controversial statements made, state the voting record and include how the common, everyday person can access info and read for themselves the record.He needs to put Obama on the defense. Sarah Palin stated in the VP debate that the people are craving straight talk and we are. This double speak is very maddening to the majority of Americans. We’re also quite sick of the way McCain has been handling things in regards to being “considerate” to Obama. He needs to flat out, blast him. What I do love about McCain is his wit and his “bite”. He needs to show that and watch the base cheer. We’re waiting for it, we’re craving it! I understand that you want to keep a positive message and that may have been the way to go before the bail out. But the bail out was a game changer for the American people. We’re mad and we want answers and we want them now. I guarantee, the candidate that explains this to us and name names and explains what happened clearly instead of blanket statements of greed on Wallstreet, that candidate will win. I hear this from so many at my church, at my work, in my neighborhood, my friends. McCain also needs to realize that while reaching across the aisle is an admirable quality, trying to ride the “middle of the road” is not going to help him win. In George Bush’s second term, he started dropping in his approval rating because he was trying to please both parties/reach across the aisle, instead of staying true to the conservatives who voted him into office. You cannot please 2 masters because you end up pleasing neither. Besides, you will never please the Democatic side and they will become even more emboldened as is pretty clearly what has happened in the Bush Administration. I also think it is very crucial that they don’t try to reign in Governor Palin. They need to let her be herself because I think it was quite obvious when she was announced as his VP candidate and the American people got their first “peek” at her at the convention, we were ecstatic. Everyone was fired up. Why would you want to risk putting out that spark by changing her. We love her! McCain needs to show the passion she’s been showing and watch the polls change. This campaign is McCains to lose and I would like to see him shake things up a little now.