U.S. Marshals Quiet While Allegedly Corrupt Massachusetts Sheriff Starves Justina Pelletier's Guardian Hacktivist

Dana Gottesfeld’s husband Martin was featured by Michelle Malkin for defending Justina Pelletier  when she was maimed at Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), leading to his imprisonment without bail by a Harvard-affiliated judge and Obama-appointed prosecutors. See FreeMartyG.com, the FreeMartyG Facebook page, and the @FreeMartyG Twitter account for more info.

Martin Gottesfeld (above) first printed allegations of pay-to-play hiring/promotions on September 16th and has been publishing allegations on severe mistreatment reported by U.S. military combat veterans since March 2017.
Martin Gottesfeld (above) first printed allegations of pay-to-play hiring/promotions on September 16th and has been publishing allegations on severe mistreatment reported by U.S. military combat veterans since March 2017.

The U.S. Marshals aren’t commenting last night while detainee Martin Gottesfeld has been refused food by the Plymouth County Sheriff’s department, which holds federal detainees including Gottesfeld, under contract.

Gottesfeld, who is best known as Justina Pelletier’s “guardian hacktivist” (see here for Rolling Stone’s take on his case and here for a version from The New American), has a long history of whistleblowing on the department and its sheriff, Joseph McDonald Jr. In February, he wrote an open letter to David Harlow, the deputy director of the U.S. Marshals Service, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker, and Dr. Candace Lapadis Sloane, the chair of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine. The letter, which detailed allegations of torture against mentally ill prisoners at the facility, was published at ShadowProof.

Shortly thereafter, Gottesfeld published a second report, citing one inmate death and an attempted suicide by a mentally ill, disabled Afghanistan war veteran, who was placed in an isolation unit despite a past suicide attempt there. That letter ran at HuffPost as well as ShadowProof.

Recently, following President Trump’s nomination of Andrew Lelling to succeed controversial Obama Boston U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, Gottesfeld released a statement on the official FreeMartyG Facebook page saying he felt “encouraged” by the nomination and that amongst other things:

I feel encouraged by President Trump’s nomination of Andrew Lelling to the position of U.S. Attorney in Boston. I hope Mr. Lelling will follow his moral compass and utilize his civil rights experience under the Bush administration to achieve justice for Justina and her family before the applicable 5-year federal statute of limitations begins to expire this coming February. I also hope that Mr. Lelling will honor the voters’ mandate to drain the swamp by firing anyone who played a knowing part in the prosecution of Aaron Swartz or in protecting rather than prosecuting Boston Children’s Hospital, including Steve Heymann, Adam Bookbinder, William Weinreb, David D’Addio, and Christina Sterling.

I also hope that Mr. Lelling will investigate Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph McDonald Jr.’s pay-to-play kickback scheme with the same gusto his predecessors took to their investigation of a substantively similar scam by neighboring Middlesex sheriff James DiPaola. Further, I hope that under the new administration, the Boston U.S. Attorney’s Office will defend the rights of combat veterans currently tortured at Sheriff McDonald’s facility by being taken off their properly prescribed medications for conditions like PTSD and made to endure torments that if done to enemy combatants, would violate Geneva convention.

Gottesfeld then ran an article about the republican sheriff at conservative-leaning site RedState.com, going into detail about the alleged scam and gross mistreatment of U.S. veterans in McDonald’s custody. In it, Gottesfeld noted that former Middlesex County Sheriff James DiPaola, also mentioned in Gottesfeld’s Facebook statement above, shot himself in the head while anticipating a federal indictment for similar allegations.

On Thursday, Gottesfeld reported on Instagram that his blood pressure had reached dangerous levels. That’s apparently a result of the poor diet served at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility which McDonald operates as well as stress from reprisals against his journalistic activities in what’s now widely viewed as the immoral persecution of a human rights activist by corrupt federal authorities. He has been ordered placed on special diet at the jail, but last night says he received no dinner at all.

When he pressed an official at the prison for a comment on the issue, he was told his jailers will not provide him any food last night. He was also threatened with “consequences” if he goes on a hunger strike. Gottesfeld’s last hunger strike, protesting abuse of children in institutions and former U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, lasted 100 days and was covered by Newsweek, The Washington Times, HuffPost, and others.

“I feel that many recent events reflect a determined effort by Sheriff McDonald’s staff to intimidate me into silence,” Gottesfeld said last night from the Plymouth County Correctional Facility.

The U.S. Marshals haven’t returned multiple requests for comment.

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