San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom should be arrested and charged as an accessory to murder

Unlike some conservatives, my position on illegal immigration is that we have illegal immigration because we want illegal immigration; feel free to peruse the articles in my immigration category.. But this just flat pisses me off:

    Officials try to explain suspect’s releaseMan charged with killing man, 2 sons was jailed in MarchJaxon Van Derbeken, San Francisco Chronicle Staff WriterSAN FRANCISCO — Authorities couldn’t fully explain Monday how an alleged gang member and suspected illegal immigrant was able walk out of jail in San Francisco – three months before police say he shot and killed a father and two sons.

    Edwin Ramos, 21, appeared in court Monday on charges stemming from the June 22 slayings of Anthony Bologna and his sons Michael and Matthew. Police say the three were shot near their home in the Excelsior district when Anthony Bologna, driving home from a family picnic, briefly blocked the gunman’s car from completing a left turn down a narrow street.Ramos is scheduled to enter a plea in the case on Wednesday.The Chronicle reported on Sunday how Ramos, a native of El Salvador, was repeatedly shielded as a juvenile from deportation by city officials who failed to notify federal authorities of separate assault and attempted robberies he committed when he was 17. Things took an unexplained turn earlier this year when Ramos, now a 21-year-old adult, was jailed on gun and gang allegations in San Francisco. Federal and local officials struggled Monday to explain the circumstances surrounding his release – given that his status as an illegal immigrant was known to federal authorities – when local prosecutors didn’t file charges.

Hat tip to Justin Levine of Patterico.

Mr Ramos was a member of the Mara Salvatrucha-13 street gang. He was a twice convicted violent offender, but San Francisco and its idiotic “sanctuary city” claptrap kept officials from notifying federal immigration authorities. The Chronicle reporter began his article, “Authorities couldn’t fully explain Monday how an alleged gang member and suspected illegal immigrant was able walk out of jail in San Francisco.” Really? I can explain it: they didn’t care aboput the public, they didn’t care about innocent people!

Mt Ramos had been arrested on a firearms violation, as an adult, after the juvenile record he had ammassed, and the authorities did nothing.

From Gavin Newsom’s official mayoral home page:

    Welcome to the City by the BaySan Francisco is a city of dreamers and doers — a city of ingenuity, diversity and tolerance that I am proud to lead.

Yeah, uh huh, right. If you peruse his official site, you’ll come to this gem:

    Mayor Newsom Announces New Anti-Gun Initiatives06/27/08 – Joined by San Francisco Police Chief Heather Fong and District Attorney Kamala Harris, today Mayor Gavin Newsom announced a slate of new gun violence reduction initiatives. These new initiatives are in addition to legislation Mayor Newsom forwarded in summer 2007 to reduce gun violence in San Francisco.”We don’t need to anticipate the location of future offenses to reduce gun violence,” said Mayor Newsom. “We need to get illegal firearms off the streets now and these efforts will help us do just that.”

Yet, when they had a convicted, violent felon, in custody, for a firearms violation, they let him go!

The City by the Bay proudly proclaims itself a “sanctuary city,” one which will not assist federal immigration authorities in any way. While the city’s sanctuary city ordinance was passed before Mr Newsom became mayor, he issued, on 1 March 2007, Executive Directive 07-01, containing directions for city employees to comply with the sanctuary city ordinance. That makes him responsible.

However, the ordinance itself contains a specific exemption from sanctuary for criminals:

SEC. 12H.2-1. CHAPTER PROVISIONS INAPPLICABLE TO PERSONS CONVICTED OF CERTAIN CRIMES.Nothing in this Chapter shall prohibit, or be construed as prohibiting, a law enforcement officer from identifying and reporting any person pursuant to State or federal law or regulation who is in custody after being booked for the alleged commission of a felony and is suspected of violating the civil provisions of the immigration laws. In addition, nothing in this Chapter shall preclude any City and County department, agency, commission, officer or employee from (a) reporting information to the INS regarding an individual who has been booked at any county jail facility, and who has previously been convicted of a felony committed in violation of the laws of the State of California, which is still considered a felony under State law

This is what happens when you coddle criminals. Mr Ramos was a convicted felon. For some reason which defies common sense, once released from juvenile custody for his felony convictions, he was not put on a boat back to El Salvador, but turned loose again on the citizens of the city. And then, when picked up as an adult on firearms violations — as a convicted felon, he could not legally possess a gun in any state of the union — he was not charged with any crime, and, once again, turned loose on the streets of San Francisco.

One thing I did not find on the mayor’s website was any expression of concern for the victims of crimes. But, as the chief executive of that fair city, it is Mayor Newsom’s responsibility to try and maintain public safety. They had a perfect situation: a convicted felon, in custody for a firearms violation, and a specific exemption in the sanctuary ordinance. They could have gotten Mr Ramos off the streets, by charging him and locking him up, and then, after he had served whatever time he received, he could have been deported to Antarctica El Salvador.

They didn’t lock him up, and this time, though they did actually notify ICE, the feds did nothing either.

And as a result, three law-abiding citizens are dead, stone-cold graveyard dead.

This guy was bad news, and everybody knew he was bad news. And while the title of this post says that Mayor Newsom should be charged as an accessory to murder, he isn’t the only one. The people who didn’t charge Mr Ramos with a firearms violation when they could have ought to join Mr Newsom in an orange jumpsuit, and the ICE officials who did nothing when they had a known illegal immigrant with a felony record should be getting fitted for their prison gear as well.

This is what happens when you are lenient with thugs. In Philadelphia, Police Officer Charles Cassidy is dead because the City of Brotherly Love didn’t treat John Lewis, his killer, seriously when they had him on a drug charge, when they had him on robbery charges and even when he was identified as the perpetrator of an armed robbery.

We see this stuff all the time: there is a killing of a police officer or an innocent bystander and we later find out the the murderer had been running through the criminal justice system for years, with minimal sentences or probation and nobody giving a rat’s ass about the innocent people of the city. Then, sha-zamm! everybody wonders why Nothing Was Done with this criminal when we had the chabce to do something before he was graduated from lesser crimes to murder.

Our state legislatures have provided plenty of punishment available, and the Congress has as well; the tools are there to get these bad guys off the streets — and in the case of illegals, out of the country — before they get to the point of murder. But in far too many cases, local and state and even federal law enforcement officers don’t use the tools available to them.

Are we short on prison beds? Perhaps, but there’s nothing on God’s earth that says we can’t string up barbed wire and house them in tents for a while. And perhaps our prisons might be less crowded if men who should have been serving five years or ten years hadn’t been set free to commit crimes which put them behind bars for forty years.

While we need to hold the criminals accountable, maybe it’s time we thought of holding our public officials accountable, too. Once we incarcerate a couple of district attorneys who don’t prosecute harshly, the rest will fall in line. Once we jail a few police commissioners who don’t have their departments pursuing criminals diligently, the rest will shape up in a hurry. And once we throw a couple of criminal-coddling mayors in the can, mayors will stop coddling criminals.

Until we do something like this, we’ll keep having stories like the San Francisco murders. Fox News interviewed the widow and mother of the victims.

Now, you tell me why Mayor Newsom shouldn’t be in jail, in the same cell as Edwin Ramos.

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