Tim Burns Fact: Washington Fears Tim Burns

A solid write-up of doings in PA-12 via the Financial Times.

Burns rhetoric sets Democrats on edge

Tim Burns does not try to hide his disdain for Washington DC and its ways. This has always been a potent vote-gathering pitch for would-be politicians. But this year with Congress’s popularity around historic lows, more than most it has particular resonance.

But don’t just take their word for it, even NPR sees the warning signs. Washington bought Critz with help from Pelosi, so we know he’s Nancy’s boy and he doesn’t worry the DC establishment at all. But it is now a Tim Burns fact: Washington fears Tim Burns!

After Decades, The GOP Has A Shot At Murtha’s Seat

People in the district tend to be conservative — not just the Republicans, but the Democrats, too. Many work in the coal mining and steel industries. They are pro-gun and anti-abortion rights.

Murtha routinely won in landslides. In fact, it’s not hard to find Republicans who voted for him time and time again.

“I am a Republican,” said 72-year-old Janet Hagerich. “He’s probably the only Democrat that I ever voted for, because he has a lot of pull in our district.”

But now Hagerich says she likes what she hears from Tim Burns, 42, a wealthy Republican businessman.

“I got into this race about a year ago,” Burns said at a campaign stop, “simply because I was concerned about what I saw happening to the country. I’ve never been in politics before. I think this country is in a fight for its life. We’ve got a great opportunity here.”

Burns had stopped by a combination restaurant/sports bar in the town of Nanty Glo. He had to make his pitch quickly. The Pittsburgh Penguins game was about to start, and competing with the Stanley Cup playoffs is a loser for any politician. Burns finished before the puck was dropped.

Retired coal miner Tony Sharon, 79, said he’s thrilled to see a Republican with a chance to win.

“He can be one of a majority that goes to Washington that can put our country back together again,” Sharon said.