Connect The Dots: Obama And Reindeer-Dung Jewelry

Don’t laugh, it’s true. Obama and Reindeer-dung jewelry both call Illinois home. That’s not the only dot worth connecting, though.

Courtesy of an Illinois zoo. No wonder Obama got his start in Illinois, those damned people will buy anything!

The $15 pendant necklaces contain dried, sterilized reindeer droppings — sprayed with glitter — on a beaded chain. They’ll be available at the zoo’s gift shop, or by mail for $20. The ornaments are back, and 450 have already sold this season. About 1,500 are still available for $7.50, or $10 by mail.

Unfortunately, they aren’t able to buy a whole lot these days because the largely corrupt and liberal state is bankrupt. That’s the other dot, bankrupt, just like Obama is currently making us and the US.

You can check that out in a video courtesy of two Republicans running there I’ve posted on before – McKenna and Murphy. Thanks to Blago, we may have a shot at making some gains in Illinois. Along with the video, if you want to help them out, that’s the place.

Sure would be nice to notch some wins in Obama’s home state. The Reindeer-dung jewelry costs extra, of course. It kind of reminds me of Democrats in a few ways, now that I think about it!