Toomsday For Specter?

Okay, Snarlin’ Arlen still has a primary to navigate, but don’t let Sleeze-stak’s military resume fool you, he’s the real darling of the Nutroots. And you know what that means. He’s a died in the wool liberal with a D after his name.

Pat Toomey has a fund raising drive going on for September and it has realistic numbers. If we don’t start competing with the Left on line across the board, including supporting our guys, we’re going to pay an even bigger cost with Obama, Pelosi and possibly Reid running wild after 2010. The time to put an end to this nonsense is now.

At least take a look and consider doing what you can do. Like it or not, as with anything else, money talks and BS walks in politics. Do you want to talk BS, or play the game to win? It’s up to you.

Check it out. And it has a share page here with widgets and such. At least consider spreading the word.