Steele Busts O-bot Plant At Howard U.

Update: Figures. If you notice, she starts shouting just as Steele prepares to make the Republican’s case to people who actually might want to hear an honest discussion. Her mind was made up going in. She went to shout down an opposing viewpoint, not foster actual debate. These people need to be exposed.

Cheers to my brother’s girlfriend. Always the optimistic, tree-hugging, whale-saving, jailed-protester, “I like the Shins and think voting is important” bleeding-heart liberal with a heart of gold, the girl whose car’s bumper has more opinions than any human I’ve ever come across was one of the lone people to have apparently kept things in prospective amongst last night’s revelry. Upon arriving home after wading through the celebrations in the street following Barack Obama’s acceptance speech, I logged onto the Facebook and was greeted by a message on the News Feed: Obama’s fictitious doppelganger

“Amanda Duzak is very happy that Obama won, but remember he has no intentions to bring down the capitalist system.”

Oh, this is sweet, though indeed, I do feel sorry for this obvious O-bot plant Steele called out if her Mother did recently pass away. Problem is, she was a rantin’ and a ravin’ for the camera there, … rather unlike the experienced activist she was trained to be, now isn’t it?. Meet Amanda Duzak. Two videos below.

Steele credited her with a loud performance destined for TV and sure enough MSNBC took the bait. The second video has much clearer audio of Steele than MSNBC’s. I wonder why? You can clearly hear how pertinent his comments actually were to the health care debate. But not for our O-bot activist dujour. She complains to MSNBC about those heartless Republicans, big surprise there.

Yes, Duzak also goes into her act for MSNBC, explaining how he wasn’t addressing any valid points, leading to her outburst. That would be the same Duzak who confessed to flirting with the line between legal and not in this Global Warming protest – see page 7 of the pdf. The same one who resigned a school senate seat in 2005 as she was allegedly passing off her duties to make time for her activist leadership gig – page 1.

Another university, another campaign director’s gig. You’d think a pro like her could keep it under control, no?

Amanda Duzak, former campaign director and current member of TEA, explains the importance of her group’s work. “It’s extremely important because this is our generation. We’re pretty young right now, but people in the past and up to recently have said things ‘like it’s our children, it’s our grandchildren’s'[future].’ Now we can say it’s us,” Duzak said. Duzak said she has noticed changes at the University.

Here’s she hosts a national bulletin board for Forest Ethics

As stated, you can hear Steele’s on point discussion in second video much better than directly below. But you might want to catch Amanda, in case you want to give her the Oscar nod for most compelling sound bytes of the week. That’s most likely what she was shooting for to begin with.

The video of her is playable here at my home blog.

Second vid via the LA Times