John Kasich: Tea Parties Are About Genuine Concerns, Not Anger

From the diaries by Erick.

Ohio’s John Kasich appears to present a pretty accurate view of what the Tea Parties are actually all about in my opinion. Clue: It ain’t about anger folks. It’s about genuine concerns over the direction the country seems to be headed right now.

In this state, our fellow Ohioans have shown up at these events not because they’re angry, but because they care about the values we all share. They’ve come, not because they’re Republican or Democrat, but because they’re troubled by the direction our country and our state is heading. Finally, they’ve come, not to polarize, but to demonstrate their hope in the great American tradition of leaving a better nation, state and community for the next generation.

They have successfully expressed what we all believe. We don’t want people to fail. We want all Ohioans to succeed. But in order to thrive in this state, this movement has rightly pointed out that government should be a last resort not the first resort. To those who will listen, they’ve shown us that there is something un-American about punishing those who work hard, sacrifice and play by the rules. Really what they’re saying is what the colonists in the old days were saying – our government has gotten too big, arrogant and out-of-control.