Court To Obama - Transparency? Not!

Joe Biden spilled the beans on Obama’s coming war on coal during the campaign and they denied it. Now, Obama has been caught carrying it out under the radar by a Federal Court.

Fortunately, they’ve temporarily stopped Obama from yet another economy-crimping move he didn’t want you to know about. Even the unions are against it and also complaining about a lack of transparency along with the Federal Court. But that wasn’t going to stop the dictator-in-chief from paying off his Green constituency without the required public comment and notice procedures. Why bother with that, when Obama already knows what he wants to do? Read the quote below regarding what we were told would be the most transparent administration evah!

“In determining the federal government cannot arbitrarily strike down a regulation, the court has preserved an open and transparent regulatory process that provides for notice and protects the rights of all interested parties to comment,” said Carol Raulston, spokeswoman for the National Mining Association, which had generally supported the Bush administration changes and opposed the Obama Interior Department’s actions.

In case you think this is purely partisan, not only are the United Mine Workers concerned about the move, they’re not pleased with the lack of transparency, either. As an aside, Don Surber points out that Lamar Alexander is on board with Obama, too.

“While we are reviewing the new policies outlined today by the Obama administration regarding changes in the approval and enforcement process for mountaintop removal mining permits, the UMWA is very concerned about today’s announcement and what these changes will mean for our members, their families and their communities.

“We were not consulted by the administration regarding the formulation of the policies announced today. I did speak with someone from the administration this morning and expressed our concerns with the process and notification procedures that occurred with respect to those of us who have a stake in these policies.

Obama wants to costing America more jobs while the economy is in the tank and do it when he thinks no one is watching to pay-off campaign debts. Is that the change people voted for last Fall? I’m thinking, not!

Maybe it’s time for Obama to re-think his views on mining and not carry out the war on coal Biden was caught suggesting during the campaign? There’s a thought.