TPM Wrong On Vitter's Melancon Ad

One of the biggest problems with Blue Dogs is that they like to play a sneaky little game to save their bacon and get away with it if they can. That’s precisely what’s at the heart of this misguided attack on Vitter over an ad pointing out likely opponent Charlie Melancon’s slippery approach to supporting national health care just as strongly as he could have.

TPM would have us believe this is a one bill, one vote proposition, claiming Melancon didn’t actually support it as he did because of one vote.

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) has a new Web ad against his likely Democratic opponent Charlie Melancon, attacking the Dem for voting for government-run health care. The fun part here is that Melancon is a Blue Dog who voted against the current health care bill in the committee:

The bill passed committee by just enough to allow some Blue Dogs to wheel and deal behind the scenes to save their skins and provide cover against we rubes back home. The critical question is, did Melancon help to get the bill to the floor? That would be “yes!” Yes, he did.

What did Melancon do when faced with this earlier amendment to stop national health care?

Nah, he wouldn’t want to do that. Boss Pelosi might get mad at him. So, he voted no, allowing it to go forward.

And when Blunt wanted to put forth an amendment to force Congress to use the same plan and live by the same rules you and I would have to if a final national health care bill passed, what did Melancon have to say? Oh, no, that might stop the Democrat march toward national health care. Can’t allow that, table it, sayeth Melancon. Democrat Solidarität uber alles!!

Not that he’s really for a national plan, or anything (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

And that’s not even the end of his support for a national health care plan. It seems to have no end, … except for one highly-visible but unnecessary Melancon vote allowing him to duck the issue and his genuine support for it with the folks back home.

No, the above wasn’t enough for lockstep-Melancon. Melancon also voted against stopping the government from implementing health care rationing for constituents. And he voted, ultimately, for allowing the government to dictate health care treatment options and how doctors should practice medicine.

Not that he supports national health care, or anything, by using every vote he could to shape the bill in its worst form and then, like his ultimate boss Obama, his genuine support for the Democrat’s national health care scheme played only “present” when the final vote went down, allowing him to try and mask his actual position with a wink and a nudge and a vote the Democrats could afford to give up. Maybe Obama called him personally to tell him how to bring it off? It’s a thought, anyway.

Stop letting Blue Dogs fool you, folks, their Democrat stripes all too often stand out more broadly than the good old Red, White and Blue if you take the time to look behind the scenes. Vitter is simply calling him out on it. Good for him!