NH RINO Alert: Kelly Ayotte

It is New Hampshire, but one may as well know the players. NH AG Kelly Ayotte is poised to run for the Senate. A chief consultant may not be the only thing she has in common with Susan Collins.

As I pointed out back on July 9, she seems to be something of a stimulus fan, as well. Collins voted for it. Ayotte is not only encouraging the spending, she assigned her Deputy the job of distributing the monies. Granted the money is there, but if she were the type to vote for such a measure as Collins did, it wouldn’t be a good thing.

On a more positive note, she did defeat Planned Parenthood in defending NH’s Parental Notification law. But that was her job as the NH AG.

GEARING UP. As likely future Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte prepares for her final day in the Attorney General’s office tomorrow (there was a big going away party for her at the office today), we’ve learned there have been discussions between some of her closest supporters and potential professional political consultants.

The Status reported this morning that political consultants who have worked for moderate Republican Maine Sen. Susan Collins are in the mix.

Today, we’ve learned those named include Thomas Daffron, chief operating officer of the Washington-based Jefferson Consulting Group. He is the former chief of staff for Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Fred Thompson of Tennessee and William Cohen of Maine and a former consultant for Collins.