Letterman On Palin's Daughter

Short clip here and below. So much for the Chelsea Clinton rule – and well beyond. Bristol Palin is eighteen and not even in politics. That didn’t stop Letterman last night when he joked that “she got knocked-up” by Alex Rodriguez at the Yankee game the Alaska Gov recently attended.

I’m not a prude by any means. But this is inappropriate and unnecessary enough to take exception to it. Letterman’s only gotten increasingly bitter over not getting The Tonight Show as he’s aged. It shows. And I imagine the McCain diss during the campaign only fed into his ego problems. Talk about inadequate. He never really did best Leno who recently retired a seemingly happy guy.

Years ago I had a friend who had some personal dealings with him before he was doing much more than filling in on the Carson show on occasion. The reviews weren’t very good at all. Unfortunately, I suspect the Letterman we’re seeing now isn’t that far from who he actually is. Pretty pathetic in my opinion.