Mourning Joe: What's Wrong With This Picture?

I’ve never had much to say about MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, as I’ve never found him particularly noteworthy. But the links I just found are as annoying, as they are telling. He’s written a book on the way forward for Conservatives: The Last Best Hope.

Isn’t it at least a little bizarre that the grand book party for said book would be held at the home of Margaret (so liberal you can’t take her seriously) Carlson? And that the guest list (with video) included such notable conservatives as – Andrea Mitchell, Dana Milbank, Chris Matthews, Ana Marie Cox, Norah O’Donnell, Frank Foer, Evan (Obama is god) Thomas, Michael Isikoff and Bill Press?

I mean, really. But it gets much worse. Apparently Mourning Joe doesn’t need week after week on the NY Times Bestseller List like Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny to get some pub. He’s already been featured in The New York Times Magazine, Newsweak, The New York Post and who knows where else. Man, that book must be jumping off the shelves. And what, at least in part, is Scarborough’s message? Well, he has some good points on spending and such, but….

After he’s done bashing Bush for Iraq, the conservative from the Olbermann network thinks the Right is too harsh – off the charts. And if you read around the links, of course he has some negative things to say about Right-side talk radio, too. That’s especially interesting given how well Levin’s book is doing among conservatives, wouldn’t you say?

And naturally he defends Colin Powell and attacks the Right for some of its Sotomayor rhetoric.

Evangelicals and Hispanics are going to respond to whoever is leading the movement, and the GOP has to prove it’s not run by harsh ideologues with a narrow agenda. If we want to exclude people who think like Colin Powell, we will continue losing voters.

What does the future Republican Party look like?

It looks a lot like the conservative movement that’s outlined in this book.

I’m not going to go on about him, as frankly, I’d probably go over the top right now. The fact is, this conservative MSNBC host, who all too often comes across as clownish to be good for Conservatism in my view, is joining in the movement – enabled by his mainstream media pals – to run Conservatism and conservatives down for personal gain. But I will say this.

When someone aligns himself with something only to undermine it with the help of the opposition, useful idiot is the commonly accepted term. But I can’t really call Scarborough that, as I’ve never found him to be that useful for anything serious at all.

In his case, maybe one has to be an MSNBC liberal to appreciate how that actually works.