GOP Takes Control Of New York State Senate

Update: Someone asked for some commentary. I updated the post at my home blog, but not here. I should have. You can get plenty of context here.

It’s purely a political gimmick. This is NY, after all. The NY GOP isn’t what it might be in traditional Red states. However, assuming the switch holds, it will give Republicans some control in NY state affairs. If they can do anything good with that, it can be good for the GOP, over all.  But given the region, we’ll have to wait and see.


Hmm. h/t Lala in comments.

It looks like Republicans have managed to win back control of the New York state Senate.

They have apparently gotten two Democratic members, Hiram Monserrate of Queens and Pedro Espada of the Bronx, to vote with them. That gives Senate Republicans the 32 votes they would need to switch control … thus electing Dean Skelos (R) as the new majority leader and ending Malcolm Smith’s (D) leadership after just six months.