John Kasich: Righting The Ship

Fox reports that John Kasich aims to “right the ship” as the next Ohio Governor. That item here – with a video of a recent TV interview below. I like Kasich for several reasons. He was a genuine foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution, unlike some who claim the mantle without the resume to back it up. Riding Reagan’s coat-tails was one thing. Understanding the Reagan philosophy and carrying it out is quite another.

To go along with that, he hasn’t simply been a creature of Washington all these years. He returned to the private sector. where you can generate wealth, not simply confiscate it. That’s a good thing and embodies the citizen legislator, or politician theme. We need more of that in government, not less.

The Democrats have criticized that part of his resume, as he had the audacity to work for Lehman Brothers, though he had nothing to do with the financial meltdown. Can you imagine that? A bunch of career political hacks putting someone down because he had a real job? Usually they just tax your income and leave you alone. But in Kasich, they sense a threat.

How can you not like this? John’s website here.

During his time in Congress in the 80’s, Kasich made a reputation for himself as a true fiscal conservative, criticizing wasteful spending, becoming a leading conservative voice. Eventually, he worked his way up to chairman of the U.S. House Budget Committee and played a major role in bringing the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 to President Clinton’s desk.

“Change” Obama style seems to involve bigger government, more government control of the private sector, extreme spending, and bailouts and bonuses for failure. Kasich’s version moves away from that recent trend, at least in his state. If this message catches hold in Ohio, it might serve as the first glimpse of the conservative resurgence some have been waiting for.