Shurtleff Hiding Ties To Fraud Suspect?

Utah AG and possible Senate candidate Mark Shurtleff’s problems regarding Claud Roderick “Rick” Koerber, currently under Federal indictment for an alleged Ponzi scheme, might not be so easy for Shurtleff to duck amid on going revelations.

Koerber is invoking the AG’s name in his defense, as well as sharing some details of their breakfast conversation. Is it really appropriate for a State Attorney General to impugn other state officials to a man under investigation for fraud, one who is subsequently indicted by the Feds after Shurtleff gave him a pass? More below.

I want to thank not only Mr. Wimmer and Mr. Shurtleff, but the other government officials and representatives who listened to my evidence. Speaker Curtis, Rep. Dougal, Senator Stephens, and several others who all voiced agreement with me that Ms. Giani was known to be unable to effectively manage her department. In our breakfast meeting Mr. Shurtleff told me that given what he had learned about Mr. Klien when he had worked for the AGs office, he was certain that Ms. Giani did not have the qualifications to reign in someone like Mr. Klien who was known even in his past employment as chasing down personal vendettas rather than focusing on the law.

Add to that a blogger who has been following the Koerber caper and it would appear that Shurtleff made some potentially interesting adjustments to his Facebook page the night before Koerber was indicted. Unfortunately, such shenanigans might not seem out of character for AG Rick Shurtleff. Previously, the Salt Lake Tribune found that a number of alterations and, or deletions were made regarding Shurtleff’s campaign finance data linked to multiple cases of alleged fraudinvolving individuals other than Rick Koerber.

It’s bad enough when a politician goes to Washington and gets corrupted, it’s increasingly difficult to believe the citizens of Utah would opt to send Shurtleff to DC given so many troubling questions. Maybe it’s best if they keep him at home where they can keep an eye on him. Ya think?

I mean, come on. How dumb does an AG have to be to become Facebook friends with someone under investigation for fraud? And we know Shurtleff is a tech tragedy waiting to happen given his inadvertently announcing his primary run on Twitter before it was even official. First Twitter, now a Facebook gaffe? Maybe this guy should stick to pencils and legal pads, assuming he knows what one of those is.

I have also heard that Rick is an acquaintance of Mark Shurtleff. This is a real blow to all of us that has invested money into “downlines”. This will give them more time to hide and spend our money.

I find it funny that up until last week Mark Shurtleff was Facebook friends with most of the Franklin Squires group. It seems very interesting that right before Rick is indicted they are no longer Facebook friends. As far as I see it Mark should be indicted for safe harboring Rick from prosecution. Thanks Mark for letting them have two more years to spend my money. Look at Mark’s mission statement as Attorney General of the State of Utah. Do you think he has upheld his office? I don’t think that he will be able to help them out of this jam. This is just one more reason I will be voting for Bob Bennett for senate.