Shurteff Caught Altering Campaign Finance Data?

Seems as though potential Senate contender Utah AG Mark Shurtleff has been caught altering, or disappearing campaign finance data on the Internet. This can’t be good.

Another interesting tidbit I found while researching this situation? Unusual deletions from Mark Shurtleff’s online campaign contribution data. Utah’s site which details all campaign contribution information is currently offline, supposedly for an overhaul. But prior to this, the Salt Lake Tribune noticed that records were being altered.

One such record? Shurtleff’s contribution to John McCain’s campaign. Why was it altered? The Deseret News reported earlier this month that the donation might have violated federal election laws. Shortly thereafter, the entry in the database went missing.

Then a second Shurtleff entry also went missing after he was questioned about it. This one involved a contribution to the Scott Rolle campaign for Maryland’s attorney general. Right after The Deseret News asked about that one, it went missing as well.

And now Shurtleff is in the middle of case in which Marc Sessions Jenson was accused of fraud and racketeering. It’s alleged that Shurtleff had charges brought against Jenson as a favor to a political donor, Ricke White. White says Jenson defrauded him of a million dollars with an investment scheme. Shurtleff says that he isn’t involved, and all decisions in the case were made by his staff.