Shurtleff's Short-lived Senatorial Ambitions

The Salt Lake Tribune pulls no punches in covering Utah AG Mark Shurtleff trying to negotiate his way through the Koerber pass. Frankly I think elephants could probably do it easier. I’m also reminded of an item involving Humana.

That makes for two prominent instances in which this not ready for prime-time player cozied up to a situation involving fraud allegations as AG. In the one case he actually endorsed Humana and in the Koerber situation he didn’t indict, hence the Koerber pass joke. The indictment remained for the Feds to do.

And he’s entertaining a run for the Senate? The guy should forget the usual Shurtleff in 2010 slogan in favor of Kick Me signs he can wear on his back.

I wonder if Shurtleff would have let the case die if Koerber had opposed vouchers. I doubt Wimmer would have returned Koerber’s calls if the high-flying conservative had been a “Socialist, Agnostic, Bachelor” instead.

They call it affinity crime for a reason. And in this case, it looks like conservative state politicians helped the Ponzi along.

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