The People Who Play By The Rules Party

During this Presidential cycle, America has truly become the land of short term memory.

Both political parties embrace socialism as if the ravages of that failed ideology were never visited upon the 20th Century.

On the campus of the University of Chicago, the legacy of Milton Friedman is protested while the presence of Bill Ayers across town at the University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) is heralded.

Against this backdrop, I am proposing the creation of a new party. Not a party for “working families” or the “middle class”, two categories stretched beyond recognition and rendered meaningless by overuse.

I want to be explicit. All successful political parties define their constituencies and defend them. So today I am launching the People Who Play By The Rules Party.

In this country, one has to accomplish three things to virtually guarantee never living in poverty: get a high school diploma; get married after the age of 20; and get married before having a child. The People Who Play the Rules Party is their party.

When you hear that 1 in 9 home mortgages are in foreclosure, the political-media establishment complex pay attention to the 1 in foreclosure and treat the other 8 as if they exist only as a source of spare parts to salvage the 1. The People Who Play By The Rules Party is for the 88% of American homeowners who, without fanfare, budgeted for the home they bought.

The People Who Play By The Rules Party is for the top 40% of income earners in this country–which gets all the way down to $55,000 per year–who pay 99.4% of all federal incomes taxes in the name of “fairness”.

The People Who Play By The Rules Party is for the 99.7% of U.S. employers with fewer than 500 employees, the small businesses that don’t have lobbyists and that don’t get bailed out by their Wall Street friends in government when they make bad strategic decisions. All that these employers do, the true entrepreneurial sector, is create jobs and create wealth.

The People Who Play By The Rules Party is also a compassionate party, a party that recognizes America to be a place of second chances and that desires to help those who veered off course get back on track. What we are not, however, is Party that believes in the woozy, bipartisan la-la land of socializing the consequences of individual, private choices.

If you fit this description, please stand up and be counted. For if the People Who Play By The Rules that made this country great do not, there are those who seek to institute new rules to re-make this country into something it is not and should never be.

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