The Palin Paradigm Shift

Nothing is more indicative of the brilliance of John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential running mate than watching stunned Democrats vomit all over themselves, unable to digest her candidacy.

Confronted by a strong, independent, bright and articulate woman, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and their coterie of Leftist surrogates have offered nothing but catty remarks in response, consigning themselves to the role of the jealous bridesmaid.

They just can’t stop talking about Sarah Palin. And the more they talk about her, the more apparent becomes their hypocrisy.

The party that champions itself as the “equal pay for equal work” group now questions whether Palin should be working at all.

The party that paid lip service to Hillary Clinton’s historic candidacy in the primary now dismisses Sarah Palin as the mayor of a town of 9,000 people even though her current job is actually entitled “Governor”.

The party that alleges its concern for single moms now sneers about Palin’s pregnant 17-year old daughter who is both having her child and marrying the father. Perhaps if Palin’s daughter had chosen to have an abortion, they would be more supportive.

As an aside, Obama supporters who hold Palin’s pregnant daughter up as evidence that Palin cannot even manage her household expose themselves as blissfully unaware (as they are similarly disposed on a full range of matters in the adult world) of the circumstances of both their candidate’s birth and the births of nearly 4 in 10 persons in America today.

Palin’s candidacy is paradigm-shifting in part for the public brain scrambling it has inflicted upon counterfeit progressives.

To complete the shift, however, Palin’s candidacy must signal an end to the “wait your turn” culture in the Republican Party. Standing in line, waiting for one’s number to be called, gave the GOP a Bush or a Dole on the national ticket for the 32 years preceding this Presidential election. Outside of the Reagan years, the GOP’s performance during those three decades has been decidedly uneven.

The combination of the hollow ideology of the Left now painfully evident and McCain’s game-changing selection for the future have the GOP poised to be the majority party in this country for generations to come. It starts November 4.

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