Rethinking Greece

Wait, there is yet another “Greek financial crisis” story out of Europe.

Yawn. Yawn again.

When the royalty of Europe spent to much, the result was, “Quick — tax the subjects!” This has been the preferred mode in dealing with bailing out those who lent to Greece.

But now the lenders are now finding out it was the gypsy Madame Zorba who wrote their fictional economic projections. The crystal ball was, uh, wrong.

A Greek bailout is now political anthrax, even in socialist Europe. Especially in Germany. Europe can’t tax the citizens more to keep Greece alive for another few quarters. So, bailouts have lost their potency. (Shockingly, the addict keeps demanding more and more of the drug.)

So, what to do, what to do?

Since taxing the citizens is out — the world’s financial elite have decided on something completely different.

Print dollars. Print pounds. Print Euros. (Er, now it’s type in the numbers into a computer — printing is so passe.)

To borrow a line from Donald Trump, “What the hell could possibly go wrong?